SAS for Risk Modeling & Decisioning


Modernize risk across the organization with a trusted solution for managing analytical models and decision strategies.

Develop and manage your risk models and decision strategies in a repeatable, auditable, transparent way with the data management and model development, deployment and monitoring capabilities of SAS Risk Modeling, combined with the intuitive decision-process design and rule-set management capabilities of SAS Intelligent Decisioning.

Encuentra ahora las respuestas en la nube fácilmente

SAS y Microsoft simplifican el uso de la analítica para formular y responder las preguntas que hacen evolucionar a las organizaciones.

How SAS® on Azure Enables Risk Modeling & Decisioning

With SAS for Risk Modeling and Decisioning on Azure, banks can easily adapt to changing conditions while modernizing risk management across the organization.

Better decision making at a lower cost

  • Make the right decision at the right time for the right outcome.
  • Achieve a double-digit improvement in straight-through processing.
  • Enhance the customer experience.

Support for the full analytics life cycle

  • Go seamlessly from data preparation to development, deployment, decisioning and monitoring.
  • Use unlimited, elastic cloud resources.
  • Drive stronger risk management and meet regulatory compliance demands.

Automation for efficiency & effectiveness

  • Automate key tasks to build better models faster.
  • Respond to risk bursting events in a timely manner.
  • Remain resilient even in the toughest conditions.

Why choose SAS® on Azure for risk modeling & decisioning?

Enhanced productivity & collaboration

Improve operational performance by building models in a single environment.

Faster, more efficient data preparation

Reap rewards more quickly using an interactive tool to prepare data.

Accelerated model development & decision making

Make faster risk-related decisions for the best possible customer outcomes.

A global, systemically important bank makes better decisions for the future of its customers with SAS® Analytics for IoT & Azure IoT.

"You definitely want to understand the decision to make, but also to understand there is a future. Putting data together allows you to create new types of decisions, focusing on what the customer wants."

Director of Data Science & Business Development

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