SAS Customer Data Platform Capabilities

Seamlessly collect, enhance, extend and activate customer data in real time to move beyond traditional customer data platforms.

Unify customer information, understand digital activity and facilitate real-time activation – backed by market-leading analytics and powerful decisioning capabilities.

Create a rich, accessible omnichannel view of your customers.

Every digital interaction is consolidated to the customer level, linking known and unknown digital activity. PII-free identifiers help synchronize customer data sources – online and offline, geodemographic, account-level insights, call center interactions, external marketing clouds, a variety of databases (relational, Snowflake), etc. This provides marketers with an always-current and comprehensive omnichannel customer view.

Elevate segmentation to a whole new level.

Unmatched analytical capabilities help you turn customer insight into highly targeted segments. Embedded AI and machine learning techniques provide deeper insights into customers and segments, and these insights help refine retention, cross-sell/upsell and response models over time. Use what you learn to adjust your marketing tactics to get the best results – from creating ideal product mix offers, to optimizing website strategies to drive higher conversions, to determining the best timing for follow-up or retargeting efforts.

Shape journeys and contextualize communications in real time.

Real-time, two-way interaction between digital properties and on-site applications eliminates the digital data time lag for incorporating triggers into action. This enables dynamic updates of customer information and audience segments and contextualizes customer activity while facilitating real-time reporting, analytics and decisioning. Integration with vendors like Adobe and Salesforce – as well as external activation to ad platforms such as Google and Facebook – extends activation across your entire martech stack.

Keep your customer data where you want it.

A unique approach to data joins online and offline data for a complete picture of customer activity without requiring you to “lift and shift” all your customer data into a marketing cloud. This reduces data duplication and synchronization costs, controls privacy, increases data quality and speeds time to value. You can detect events as they happen and incorporate that data into relevant, analytics-ready customer profiles.

Key Features

Capabilities that take you beyond a traditional customer data platform.

Customer-level digital data ingestion

Enables enterprise-scale data collection with a single-line code insert for websites or via SDK for mobile applications. Allows brands to collect and feed every consumer interaction into a structured data model and provides unparalleled granularity and insight into customer behavior across digital properties.

Real-time identity management

Provides a true, real-time, 360-degree view of customer data through real-time deterministic identity management and dynamically updated identity graphs. Stitches together online and offline data while giving the user full control over appending, deleting and merging customer identities.

Segmentation plus

Goes beyond simple audience segmentation to include dynamically updated on-site and cloud segments, clustering, campaign targeting and guided analytics. This includes “do it for me” options, such as segment discoverer and autocharting.

Advanced activation

Enables omnichannel journey orchestration that includes algorithmic multitouch attribution, providing customer journey insight, real-time send/receipt of third-party events, and integration into decisioning engines, display media platforms and marketing clouds.

Digital guardianship

Ensures rigorous data privacy, governance and compliance. Includes APIs for retrieving, editing and deleting customer data; methods for encrypting sensitive data; controls for permanent storage of PII; and capabilities to allow temporary use of PII for execution, as well as the ability to keep your data on-site, exposing only what you need to the cloud.

AI, analytics & decisioning

SAS Viya supercharges your analytics with predictive models, forecasting, goal-seeking routines, etc. Boost empathy by including sentiment data, speech-to-text for call center applications and consumer feedback with NLP. Integration into the SAS decisioning engine, SAS Intelligent Decisioning, is also available to shape customer journeys beyond marketing.

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