SAS Allowance for Credit Loss

Address CECL and IFRS 9 accounting standards with a fully governed, automated workflow.

Take your IFRS 9 and CECL process to a new level with a fully governed, automated workflow that includes highly efficient and precise computations.

Centralize the entire process.

Control all your models, scenarios and data in a single repository. Orchestrate the entire IFRS 9 or CECL process with flexible and traceable workflows.

Get fast, precise results.

Get your results faster with our highly efficient calculation engine and optimized processes that use in-memory processing. Choose the level of granularity for data processed by models and for results exploration. Then validate your model and data in a simulation cycle before using it in production.

Gain full insights into results, and adjust as needed.

Analyze the difference in provisions at the most granular level, and attribute changes to selected factors. Apply overlays with rules allocating on a granular level or directly on individual positions, and keep track of all changes.

Key Features

Effectively address the requirements of CECL and IFRS 9 accounting standards and overcome business challenges related to the calculation of expected credit loss. A role-based, workflow-driven process enables users to contribute to the results while generating auditable artifacts along the way.

Model execution

Supports a wide range of models and engines.

Manual adjustments

Includes rule-based and many other post-model adjustment techniques.

Attribution analysis & simulations

Lets you use configurable attributes to explain provisions changes and run what-if analyses.

Workflow & governance

Provides an orchestrated process with fully transparent and repeatable calculations.

Greater efficiency

Provides an optimized and governed way to store data and conduct high-performance and transaction-level analysis.

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Continuando su ascenso en la clasificación mundial de los 100 principales proveedores de tecnología de gestión de riesgos y cumplimiento normativo, SAS se impuso en siete categorías de premios tecnológicos, entre ellas IA para banca, gestión de riesgos de balance, modelización conductual, pruebas de estrés empresarial, IFRS 9, gestión de riesgos de modelo e integración financiera de riesgos &.

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