SAS launches results-as-a-service to deliver advanced analytic insights with no staff, infrastructure required

There’s a gold mine of business insights buried beneath mountains of data. But without the expertise or technology to dig it out, these insights had been out of reach for many organizations. Until now. SAS® Results, a cloud-based results-as-a-service offering from the analytics leader, delivers both affordable analytical power and SAS expertise – customers provide the data, SAS delivers the answers. And, some organizations have already seen ROIs as high at 600 percent from using SAS Results.

“Organizations of all sizes can benefit from SAS Results, and it’s an option that may be especially attractive to small- and medium-sized enterprises,” said Sanjeev Aggarwal, analyst with SMB Group, a firm focused on the technology needs of small and medium businesses. “Our research suggests that gaining better insights from data is a high priority for SMBs, and being able to get data-based answers quickly without the barriers of infrastructure and analytical expertise are high priorities.” 

Organizations using SAS Results already include:

  • A U.S. auto manufacturer uses SAS Results to analyze connected vehicle data and track fleet performance.
  • A U.S. clothing manufacturer and retailer uses SAS Results to understand differences among local markets’ buying patterns, preferences and consumer trends.
  • A large county government uses SAS Results to uncover new heart attack treatments that extend survival rates.

To learn more, read the whitepaper, “SAS Results delivers value.”

Easy, affordable analytics when you want them

SAS Results offers organizations answers to their most pressing business questions. And they don’t need to know anything about SAS software to get those answers. The organization provides data, a specific business problem and a scope of work. Using SAS global consultants and a secure delivery model, customers find the answers they need. 

SAS Results is ideal for organizations that:

  • Have increasing demand for skilled analysts.
  • Lack resources, such as a data center or management bandwidth.
  • Face significant business problems that need swift resolution.
  • Need to overcome limited budget and opportunities to increase headcount.

SAS delivers results and recommendations based on close collaboration with customers to ensure they get the answers they need. Customers can use SAS Results just once or as often as required.

Today’s announcement was made at SAS Global Forum, the world's largest analytics conference, with more than 30,000 business and IT users of SAS software participating on site and online.

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