SAS opens flexible paths to high-value certifications, rewarding careers

Global, online SAS® data science academy helps fill analytics skills gap; content free to colleges and universities

Aspiring data scientists no longer need to struggle to manage time and travel for classroom learning. The SAS® Academy for Data Science new online program provides access at learners’ convenience, around the globe. The flexible training will help more businesses transform top talent, and more individuals jump-start lucrative analytics careers.

A persistent analytics skills gap is generating strong demand for data analysis experts. In a massive study of 54 million employee profiles, examined which career skills translated into salary bumps. SAS skills topped the list. Through the SAS Academy for Data Science, students master big data management, advanced analytics, machine learning, data visualization and text analytics, along with essential communication techniques.

Flexibility equals opportunity

The SAS Academy for Data Science launched last year as a classroom-based program. The curriculum prepares students for SAS credentials in big data, advanced analytics and data science.

Chantal Achterberg knows a thing or two about preparing for success. As a member of the Dutch rowing team, she competed in the London and Rio Olympics, where her team won a bronze and silver medal, respectively. Attending the SAS Academy for Data Science set her on a course to a new career as a data analyst.

“As I looked ahead to life after competitive rowing, I wanted a career where I could still challenge myself every day,” said Achterberg. “Organizations can transform themselves if they can only make sense of their data. I wanted to be a part of that, and the SAS credential was critical to getting me there.”

Now, more people can gain these skills thanks to self-paced, online courses that customers have six months to complete. Learners can pursue valuable credentials as a SAS Certified Big Data Professional and SAS Certified Advanced Analytics Professional.

“Either of these credentials signal a deep understanding of turning real-world data into action, and will carry significant weight with employers,” said Sean O’Brien, SAS Vice President of Education.

Those earning both certifications achieve the coveted industry credential, SAS Certified Data Scientist.

A free trial is available that allows people to sample several course modules at no cost.

Meeting needs of customers and independent learners

With an increase in the use of powerful analytics for forecasting, optimization, machine learning and other sophisticated applications, SAS expertise is in high demand. The online academy provides another option for meeting that demand.

“The online option provides the flexibility SAS customers are asking for,” said O’Brien. “They can’t afford to be without their analytics expert for weeks. Now, employees can fit SAS courses into their schedules, becoming even more valuable to their companies without risking productivity.”

Individual learners also appreciate the flexibility. Academy students can focus on certain topics and repeat trainings until they master them. Conversely, students can skip topics in which they are already proficient.

“People juggling career and family now have the luxury of self-pacing and targeting skills they need,” said O’Brien.

Free and discounted content for higher education and K-12

Educators, students and staff from K-12 and higher education can enroll in the SAS Academy for Data Science, either self-paced or classroom, at a 50% discount. Instructors from nearly 160 universities have integrated academy content into coursework, which can be done at no cost. Institutions can host a mobile testing event where students take certification exams. Interested parties should contact SAS Academic Programs.

“To fill the skills gap, we have to give more students experience with analytics and confidence in using data,” said O’Brien. “The academy gets them working with real-world data to solve problems.”

Opportunities abound

The SAS Global Certification program has long been the standard for industries like banking and pharma. Launched in 1999 to validate SAS skills and knowledge, the program has awarded more than 118,000 SAS credentials to individuals in 77 countries.

SAS customers span more than 83,000 business, government and university sites, including 94 of the top 100 companies on the 2016 Fortune Global 500®. With a market that deep, a SAS big data, advanced analytics or data science credential fosters lucrative opportunities across industries.

SAS in education

With a special focus on education, SAS strives to give everyone THE POWER TO KNOW®. From Curriculum Pathways® free digital curriculum and mobile apps for K-12, to free and low-cost access to world-class software offered through SAS Analytics U, SAS is committed to learners of all ages. Additionally, SAS collaborates with colleges and universities around the world to launch degree and certificate programs to foster the current and next generation of analytics talent. With more than four decades of working in education, SAS brings together individuals, institutions, communities and data to prepare people for college, career, life and brighter futures.

About SAS

SAS is a global leader in data and AI. With SAS software and industry-specific solutions, organizations transform data into trusted decisions. SAS gives you THE POWER TO KNOW®.

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