Data Access

Seamless Data Connectivity

Bridge the cloud and on-premises data sprawl with simplified access to all your data.

Break down data silos and address data problems while gaining a vision for the future.

Get a unified view of all your data.

Connect easily to popular cloud platforms and enterprise data sources. Access source data easily and securely in a low-code/no-code environment.

Minimize data movement and accelerate processing.

Streamline your data quality and analytical processes through in-database execution. Process high-volume data faster while eliminating massive data movement.

Benefit from industry-leading data quality, analytics and AI in-data.

Deploy computations within the database, data warehouse or data lake. Access, integrate, cleanse and transform data, regardless of where it resides.

Why choose SAS for data access?

It's transparent

Transparent data access gives you real-time, secure and complete access to all your data assets. This leads to better decisions, operational efficiency and more effective collaboration.

It's optimized

Optimize data access to speed data processing, minimize data movement and improve decision making. As a result, you can streamline operations, reduce resource wastage and gain a competitive advantage.

It's cloud ready

Our cloud-ready solution can help you simplify and enhance enterprise data access by optimizing scalability, accessibility and security while reducing infrastructure costs.

“One of the biggest priorities in our field of work is timeliness because we’re dealing with life-threatening situations every single day. It’s vital that we have timely data available to us to cross-reference and check. With SAS, we are able to run and develop simple queries to get what we need, and we’ve been able to build the fields we need to easily collect data.” Northern California Regional Intelligence Center logo K. Mason Lead Intelligence Analyst Northern California Regional Intelligence Center


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