SAS & Cloudera

SAS and Cloudera enable customers to achieve competitive advantage by gaining value from all of their data, through a proven combination of enterprise-ready storage, processing, analytics and management. By bringing together superior data management and the world’s most powerful analytics, SAS helps unlock the value of data stored in your enterprise data hub (EDH) – so you can make better decisions faster.

Focus Area
Big Data
Data Management
Internet of Things

Cross Industry


Customer Intelligence, Risk 


 Improve Business Outcomes

  • The ability to analyze all data makes better decisions possible.
  • Interactive and iterative analytics solves the most challenging problems.
  • Access to unlimited variables offers an opportunity for in-depth analysis.

Accelerate Time to Value

  • In-memory data and analytics processing provides faster performance.
  • Availability of a joint starter service bundle allows for a quick and seamless startup.
  • The combination of SAS and Cloudera technologies simplifies working with Hadoop.

Reduce Costs and Risk

  • Hadoop provides scalable and cost-effective big data management.
  • Integration of SAS and Cloudera technologies minimizes data movement and improves governance.
  • The partnership of Cloudera and SAS provides stable market leadership.

Get More Time to Innovate

  • Hadoop’s cost-effective scalability allows for more analytic exploration of data that previously was too costly to store or troublesome to format.
  • Integration of Cloudera and SAS technologies makes big data analytics approachable and supports innovative applications.


Mike Olson, Chief Strategist at Cloudera, shares his thoughts on partnering with SAS.