Analytics leader SAS honored for sustainability strides

SAS uses own analytics to save energy, lower emissions

Building on 2015 momentum as a sustainability leader, SAS continued its efforts as a good corporate citizen through new developments at its Cary, NC, headquarters, as well as earning recognition from NC and US environmental organizations.

In December, Conservatives for Clean Energy presented SAS an Outstanding Leadership award for supporting a clean energy economy. The NC-based organization educates opinion leaders on the benefits of clean energy initiatives. This new recognition is evidence SAS has shown that solar is a viable energy option. Since 2008, when SAS first broke the 1-megawatt barrier for solar energy in the Southeast US, the capacity of solar installations in NC has grown to more than 1 gigawatt.

SAS also promotes clean air by encouraging plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs). In 2015, the US Department of Energy (DOE) recognized SAS as a Workplace Charging Challenge Partner for supporting the development of the national PEV charging infrastructure. Fewer than 30 challenge program partners achieve this recognition. Prominently featured in the US DOE Workplace Charging Challenge Mid-Program Review, the SAS Eco-Commuter Parking Program encourages employees to mitigate the environmental impacts of their daily commute. Not only does SAS provide preferred parking for low-emission vehicles and carpoolers, the company also offers free charging on campus for PEVs.

Another way the company is demonstrating its commitment to the environment is through Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certifications. SAS recently achieved LEED certification for three more existing buildings at campus headquarters in Cary, NC. This brings SAS’ total LEED certified projects number to 11, including the first LEED Platinum certification for new construction in Wake County.

To advance analytics as a cornerstone of city management, SAS recently became a partner with Envision America.  Envision America’s “smart city” concept is gaining traction, as cities recognize that analytics and business intelligence can help municipalities run more efficiently and improve stewardship of limited resources. SAS helps municipalities access and integrate data from multiple sources to understand what is happening and why. Thanks to SAS® software, governments can quickly solve complex problems to improve the quality of life for their citizens.

Learn how SAS is a corporate sustainability leader and view environmental performance reports to see SAS’ global environmental footprint.

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