Sylvie Faucillon
Principal Advisor – Analytics & AI

As Principal Advisor in Analytics & AI, Sylvie Faucillon helps clients accelerate their digital transformation by leveraging Data and Analytics with. Her 23-year career in the software industry, has earned her a reputation for being creative, passionate while cultivating a strong customer focus.

Her expertise ranges from Artificial Intelligence, Text Analytics, NLP, Conversational Agents to Data Visualization.

She is also an active member of the core team of the SWEE Analytics&AI Domain Chapter and leads the SWEE Natural Language Processing Community to provide NLP experts a place to share their expertise and collaborate on their projects.

She is the catalyst who has led, developed, and executed the SAS SWEE expertise on NLP and Text Analytics across the board: customer advisory, delivery, training, public forums, marketing events and for a wide range of industries. She is the author of several blogs and articles on LinkedIn and french media.

Before joining SAS Institute, she worked for 7 years as an R&D expert at SAP Business Objects. She holds a European engineering diploma in Computer Sciences and Cognitive Sciences.  

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