Risk Management Solutions

Credit Risk Management Analytics Software

Deploy a broad range of scalable credit models to continuously manage your loan portfolios.

How SAS® Supports Credit Risk Management

Sophisticated analytic insights for better understanding and proactively managing credit risk.

Understanding and proactively managing credit risk requires increasingly sophisticated analytic insights. Whether you need to optimize credit decisions or address new accounting requirements for expected credit loss (ECL), SAS enables you to develop and execute models that quantify and predict potential risks, with on-demand reporting and real-time decisioning you can trust.

Automation of complex risk management processes

  • Increase efficiency and transparency while reducing model risk.
  • Only SAS provides well-defined, automated governance and workflow solutions.

Powerful & scalable analytics capabilities

  • SAS gives you the unique ability to quickly develop and implement your own models with the power to analyze large credit portfolios down to individual loan assessments.
  • With SAS, you get a modernized analytics foundation that scales flexibly to address both current and future requirements.

Customizable, adaptable data & reporting

  • Whether you're a specialized lender or diverse multinational financial institution, our flexible framework gives you the ability to integrate and stage high-quality data.
  • Get the transparency needed for a full range of on-demand reporting to address current and future requirements.
  • Our flexible data design accommodates models developed using SAS, industry-standard or open source software.

Powerful modeling environment

  • Our credit risk solutions let you develop models using SAS code, Python and R, as well as incorporate AI and machine learning models.
  • Only SAS enables you to build and own the IP of the models you develop, enabling you to address your unique business requirements.

Proven financial services solutions

  • Year after year, SAS Analytics has been ranked high in the leaders quadrant by a range of analysts, from Chartis to Celent/Oliver Wyman.
  • We retain our global leadership position thanks to close collaboration with our customers and our industry-leading investments in R&D.

Why choose SAS for credit risk management?

SAS provides a comprehensive, integrated environment for efficiently and effectively managing your organization's credit risk management and regulatory requirement needs.

Deploy models faster

Avoid recoding and slash the time it takes to build and deploy credit risk models with an integrated solution that acquires data from existing systems to build, back-test and deploy models.

Manage corporate IP

Reduce learning cycles and realize faster benefits by retaining valuable institutional knowledge. Our intuitive user interface enables easy sharing of project artifacts, segmentation logic, variables and related intellectual property.

Make better-informed lending decisions

Accurately assess risk exposures and inform credit and pricing decisions using a broad range of scoring methodologies. Get a comprehensive view of risk and model performance, and conduct champion/challenger tests against new models to ensure optimal performance aligned with your business objectives.

Risk.net Risk Technology Awards

SAS Named Consumer Credit Modeling Software of the Year

Using the latest innovations in AI and machine learning, SAS Risk Modeling and Decisioning spans the entire credit life cycle, enabling banks to simultaneously reduce risk and improve customer service.