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Health Care Data Analytics

Improve patient outcomes and experience through advanced analytics.

Why choose SAS® for health care analytics?

Deliver trusted health innovations to advance the entire health ecosystem with a faster, more productive AI and analytics platform.

Predict future needs and improve the quality of care, health outcomes and costs.

Design and automate operational processes, workflows and resources efficiently.

Make transparent, explainable and fair decisions in governed, regulated environments.

Achieve a return on your investment in health analytics.

See Who's Working Smarter With SAS in Health Care

SAS Health Care Data Analytics

Powered by Azure

Reliably run your health care data analytics in the cloud. Get the latest product enhancements as soon as they're available. And centrally manage your health care data analytics with familiar Microsoft tools.

Transforming Health Outcomes Through Analytics

SAS for Transforming Health Outcomes Through Analytics is the first of many health-care-specific analytics offerings SAS and Microsoft plan to build together. Now available on Azure Marketplace.

Peer-reviewed scientific research

Scientific Publications Featuring SAS

Explore recent publications – highlighting innovative research using SAS software – on a variety of health care and life sciences topics.

Analytics Exchange: Podcasts From SAS

The Health Pulse

Explore fresh perspectives on digital transformation in health care and life sciences in The Health Pulse podcast series, available on your favorite listening platform.

The Data Science Experience: Health Care

Data Scientists in Health Care

Discover the big impact data scientists in health care can have when given the freedom to innovate.

Webinar Series for Health Care & Life Sciences Professionals

Check out this webinar series for a quick overview of industry hot topics, and see real-life demonstrations of SAS software in action.

SAS is a Luminary in Celent’s Insurance Fraud Detection Solutions: Health Insurance, 2022 Edition

SAS in the Health Care Industry – Facts & Figures


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Accelerate Digital Health Transformation With SAS

From public health agencies, to providers, to insurers, health professionals trust health care data analytics from SAS to help them make sense of complex health data.

Health Care Data Analytics Solutions for Better Care & Lower Costs

Rising health care costs are due, in part, to more complex demand and potentially avoidable complications. High-quality health care is both safer and more cost-efficient – saving patient lives, reducing hospital burden and enabling more patients to receive treatment.

Population Health

Combine health and nonhealth data to understand and predict future population health needs.

Health Care Operations

Identify actions that improve patient satisfaction, maximize resource utilization and control costs.

Health Care Finance

Get data-driven insights to navigate financial risk and optimize outcomes.

Enabling Technologies That Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

AI & Health Care

Accelerate and improve clinical decision making.

Internet of Things in Health Care

Enrich and analyze real-time patient and device data to drive improved outcomes.

Cloud Computing in Health Care

Experience the agility and interoperability that comes with a complete range of cloud offerings.

Connect with SAS and see what we can do for you.