Umniah uses marketing automation to execute targeted campaigns and accurate decision making

After recently celebrating its 10-year anniversary, Umniah is the fastest growing telecom operator in Jordan with over 30 per cent market share and over three million mobile subscribers. The company is the country’s most innovative provider of mobile, telecommunications and internet services.

"SAS has helped the team at Umniah improve the efficiency and accuracy of our analytics. The analytical tools are available to all business users and our analysis teams are satisfied with the tools they are using - they have found them easy to use, fast and accurate and this helps in improving the decision making process and speeding up decisions."

Waseem Al Rousan
IT Director, Umniah

The story so far!

Umniah’s goal was to improve the working lives of its business analysis teams and help achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness by giving them fast, accurate and easy-to-use tools that enhance decision-making capacity. Umniah also wanted to reduce operational complexity, use the best channels for its campaigns, and reduce trial and error inefficiencies.

In the knowledge that a well-executed campaign can increase efficiency and sales, Umniah selected SAS Marketing Automation, which is now completely integrated with the operator’s existing systems.

With the help of SAS® Marketing Automation and SAS® Enterprise Miner, Umniah minimized the operational complexity of its campaigns and reduced the time spent in execution and analysis.

The Big Picture view

Implementing SAS tools and solutions has allowed Umniah to:

  • Streamline and enhance its reporting by 70 per cent
  • Reduce operational activity when building campaigns and business reports by 80 per cent
  • Reduce reporting and analysis requests by 90 per cent
  • Integrating SAS into the company’s system enhanced efficiency by 60 per cent

To support the company’s growth, streamline reporting, generate a higher response rate, measure marketing campaigns and improve ROI, Umniah implemented SAS® Marketing Automation and SAS® Enterprise Miner to better understand and gain deep insight into customer behavior. The solution has also streamlined the implementation of targeted offers by identifying the most effective marketing channels to maintain and enhance its customer base.

Analytics to the rescue

SAS’ visual analytics and campaign management tools leverage sharing and generate advanced customer behavior reports for Umniah. By increasing the reach and impact of its marketing messages, Umniah is now in a better position to understand its customers’ needs, analyze market trends and predict the best way forward to serve and maintain customers.

Further benefits of Umniah implementing the SAS tools include reducing the requirements for data extraction from the IT department, providing end users with heightened capability to perform their own data analysis, run complicated promotions and campaigns using a single window, as well as schedule and track campaigns, and understand and measure results to improve future marketing campaigns.

“With the implementation of SAS we were able to considerably reduce the operational complexity for campaign data selection, execution and post analysis. The use of Enterprise Guide and Visual Analytics empowered business users to build their own report, do their own analysis and publish their results without referring back to the Business Intelligence (BI) team, which in return gave us the opportunity to focus on other strategic projects,” said Dana Momani BI & DWH Manager, Umniah

Optimally exploring vast amounts of data, Umniah is able to make data-driven decisions though SAS’ predictive modeling and insights and has fine-tuned marketing campaign based on customer behavior and preferences.

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Streamline marketing campaigns and reduce operations complexities to improve decision making.


SAS® Marketing Automation
SAS® Enterprise Miner 


Employing SAS® Marketing Automation and SAS® Enterprise Miner, has resulted in Umniah being able to:

  • Increase the number of campaigns sent to customers on a weekly basis
  • Lower operational complexity from the creation to the execution of campaigns
  • Move from descriptive analysis to predictive analysis
  • Enhance data analysis, build dashboards and reports
  • Enhance end users analytical experience
  • Reduce analysis time and execution time
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