João Oliveira
Principal Business Solutions Manager

João de Oliveira joined SAS back in 2017, and currently holds the position of Principal Business Manager coordinating the Information Management Customer Advisory practice in Western Europe.

Information Management is part of João’s professional DNA for around 15 years. He has been driving Data Management initiatives supporting and involved in multiple projects EMEA wide, across multiple industries. João is a very experienced professional with a strong business, functional knowledge including end-to-end solution architecture.

His experience and knowledge has been leveraged on multiple engagements supporting organisations’ Information Management (from data capture till data archiving) efforts to cope with legal requirements – e.g. GDPR -, improving customer experience, drive digital transformation and get the most business value from data, either at-rest or in-motion. João has a degree in Applied Mathematics being a spearhead in matters related to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Advanced Analytics and Intelligent Decisioning.

João regularly participates as a speaker or panelist at events covering Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Advanced Analytics on the Edge, IoT, Intelligent Decisioning, Data Ethics for Ethical AI and how these technologies can be applied to digital transformation.

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Speaker engagements

2021Rethinging “specialization” in an AI driven worldVideoTEDxISCTE
2020o que pode a cloud fazer pelas empresas? PodcastComputerWorld
2019Main panel debate participationDell-EMC Forum, LisbonDell
2018Decisions on the EdgeSAS Platform Roadshow: Innovate with AnalyticsSAS
2017The importance of customer analytics AirSat Forum 2017The International Air Transport Association (IATA)