In-Memory Analytics

Faster, smarter analysis for a big data world.

Get significant value from big data. In-memory analytics from SAS puts high-impact insights at your fingertips. So you can explore every possibility. Seize new opportunities. And outmaneuver the competition. Quickly and confidently.


Deeper insights, better decisions.

In-memory-enabled data discovery and proven machine learning techniques deliver deeper insights with speed and precision. That means you can act faster and perform better – from revenue growth to product innovation.

Built for analytical workloads.

Our unique in-memory processing engine enables faster response times, iterative results and multiuser concurrency, so you can solve complex problems fast. And meet evolving demands. 

Designed for speed and performance.

Analyze data – of varied size and complexity – with unprecedented speed. Less data movement means you can analyze data on the fly. Act on insights quickly. And seize opportunities you would otherwise miss.

In-memory-powered analytical life cycle.

Remove data prep and analytical processing latencies to test new scenarios and create the best models. Improved productivity and the ability to apply analytics to a variety of use cases mean better overall performance.

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