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Revenue Optimization Suite

SAS® Revenue Optimization Suite

Retail business capabilities with unparalleled analytics.

Fast results. Low up-front costs. And the ability to get the right product to the right customer at the right price – even at the right moment – every time.


Better prices, better results.

Gain visibility into pricing decisions to see the cross-effects and differentiators directly affecting your bottom line. Optimize prices for a wide range of products, including fast-moving consumer goods and fashion items. Use built-in forecasting to easily handle and understand difficult retail scenarios, such as sorted cause and effect, promotions, seasonality and changing calendar events.

Greater merchant productivity.

Empower business users with retailer workflows and an intuitive interface. Speed pricing decisions with automated plans that reduce or even eliminate the need for manual processing. Improve communications with shared visibility into your optimization rationale. And provide merchants with visibility into category.

Flexible investment options, lower TCO.

A common retail foundation reduces your implementation and administration headaches. And you can choose the deployment option that best suits your needs – as a managed service (which can speed results and reduce your initial investment) or as software behind the firewall (which can provide a lower long-term cost of ownership).

Optimization that scales.

SAS has a proven track record with retailers of all sizes – large, medium and small retailers. Our retail experts can help you price at all levels of your product and location hierarchy, all the way down to individual store SKU.


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Revenue Optimization Suite
  • Price management. Manage prices across the entire product life cycle with:
    • SAS Regular Price Optimization.
    • SAS Promotion Optimization.
    • SAS Markdown Optimization.
  • Retail business workflow. Solution-specific workflows support pricing activities at each stage of the product life cycle.

  • Advanced analytics and forecasting. Drive better results for best-in-class forecasting for retail, which leads to better forecast quality.

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