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Debt Collection: Why now?

As one of the most highly leveraged regions in Europe, the UK is heading towards a debt crisis. The deluge of government sponsored lending in response to Covid 19, will push borrowers to the brink both financially and mentally.

COVID-19 has dramatically changed customer behaviours and risk profiles, so many of your historical models used for customer segmentation are no longer useful. 

Customers whose financial profiles have historically been stable, but who have suffered a rapid and significant reduction in income due to lockdowns and business closures, could soon be entering the collections cycle.

If lenders can help them through the current crisis, they will create a solid foundation for a loyal and profitable long-term relationship. By contrast, a heavy-handed approach to collections will push these customers to take their business elsewhere in the future.

SAS can equip your debt collection teams with better tools and better insight to help them make the right decisions faster and provide a more personalised level of service to each customer.

“How and when you engage with your customers during the collections process can make a significant difference to your financial results. It will also have a major impact on your customers’ lives, and the tenure of your relationship with them.”

- Tiffany Carpenter, UKI Head of Customer Intelligence Solutions, SAS Institute

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