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Prevent fraud. Achieve compliance. Preserve security.

Proactive protection through advanced analytics

Unify your approach to fraud, compliance and security matters. Boost your detection and prevention efforts. And get the peace of mind that comes from adopting proven solutions – tailored for your industry – backed by nearly four decades of experience and expertise.

What's the best hope for stemming the rising tide of security risks and financial crime? An enterprisewide strategy that unifies fraud and security systems, and focuses on improving detection and prevention efforts.

What our customers are saying


"SAS has contributed toward a 75% reduction in fraud losses, to a quarter of what they were at their peak a couple of years ago. That is a real, bottom-line saving that we are making."

"We're saving time – for example, we can limit false positive results and avoid wasted interventions."

"SAS is committed to ensuring that we continue to have a leading-edge anti-fraud solution. We are very pleased with the results. "

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