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SAS® Learning Subscription

Access all the courses you need for analytics training – with a single purchase.

Master data analytics skills with access to hundreds of courses, hands-on practice and curated learning paths.

From training new hires to helping current employees expand their skills, our learning subscriptions are a convenient, cost-effective way to get everyone up to speed

With a SAS Learning Subscription, employees appreciate the opportunity to learn, and managers love the ability to view progress report against goals. 

Is the training worth it? The truth is in the numbers.


more jobs have required SAS skills in the past few years.


of managers said their team delivered more
value since getting trained in SAS.


of employees say they are better at their jobs as a result of SAS training.

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Learning Subscription
$4,280 per user/year

Premium Subscription
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200+ On-Demand Courses*··
Certification Practice Exams and Prep Guides* ··
Shareable Digital Badges ··
Hands-on Lab Hours ··
Progress Reports ··
Unlimited Public Live Web Courses ·
Academy for Data Science ·
Custom Dashboard  ·
Learning Needs Assessment and Adoption Services  ·

Learning Subscription
$4,280 per user/year

✓ 200+ On-Demand Courses*

✓ Certification Practice Exams and Prep Guides*

✓ Shareable Digital Badges

✓ Hands-on Lab Hours

✓ Usage Tracking Reports

*Included in free trial
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Premium Learning Subscription

✓ 200+ On-Demand Courses*

✓ Certification Practice Exams and Prep Guides*

✓ Shareable Digital Badges

✓ Hands-on Lab Hours

✓ Progress Reports

✓ Unlimited Classroom and live Web Courses

✓ Academy for Data Science

✓ Custom Dashboard

✓ Learning Needs Assessment and Adoption Services

Get a dynamic learning experience anywhere you have internet access

The SAS Learning Subscription includes more than 200 digital courses mapped to certifications and career tracks. Using a combination of videos and interactive quizzes, the award-winning courses help you learn new skills on your own time. (Excludes the SAS® Academy for Data Science subscriptions.)

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Access free resources for learning and teaching analytics.

I think the self-paced training was the BEST I've ever taken. The videos were short and segmented correctly to keep my attention and the activities and quizzes were just enough to help my confidence. Tony Mayo SAS Customer

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