Key Topics

Location Intelligence

Add the 'where' to the 'what.'

When It Comes to Discovering Insights, Don't Lose Direction – Map It

Add geographical context to your analyses and visualizations by combining traditional data with location data. Location analysis brings the “where” dimension to the forefront so you can analyze data in new ways to get the full picture before making decisions, while identifying location-specific opportunities.

See your data from a whole new point of view

  • Combine traditional data sources with location data to add geographic context and gain powerful insights.
  • Easily dive deep on location insights – including route optimization and trend analysis – using detailed global maps.
  • Rely on partnerships between SAS and industry leaders like ESRI to gain insights from geospatial and location data.

Access easy, reliable self-service BI

  • Analytics beginners can learn more from their location data by viewing automated insights with just a click.
  • Those who want to dive deeper into insights can save time by quickly accessing advanced insights, gaining important context before working on more intense analytics processes.
  • Facilitate faster, broader adoption of analytics for your entire organization.

Get smart insights provided by responsible AI

  • Prioritize security and personal data privacy, which is critical when gathering location data.
  • Because location data can include personally identifiable information (PII), ensure that you're meeting compliance and ethical standards by using a governed, responsible system to gain insights.
  • Automated explanations describe important results in a natural language format that anyone can understand.

Why choose SAS® for location intelligence?

Location intelligence paired with data visualization provides an easy, powerful way to show location data and discover hidden insights.

Location analytics

Combine traditional data sources (transactional, customer, operational, etc.) with location data for analysis in a geographical context.

Augmented insights

Discover the real stories hidden in your data – in seconds. The software automatically gives you suggestions and identifies related measures.

Embedded insights

Embed individual visual insights from SAS Visual Analytics reports, build interactive stories or embed the whole interactive report or page into your custom web applications. Publish your insights, which scale with the flexibility of live data or embedded data snapshots for data storytelling.