SoftServe launches new worker safety solution powered by SAS analytics to reduce workplace injuries in real-time

End-to-end solution uses computer vision technology to detect workplace hazards and anomalies across industrial operations

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SoftServe, a premier IT consulting and digital services provider, today announced the launch of a new Worker Safety solution powered by advanced analytics from SAS, the leader in AI and analytics. The new solution aims to uncover safety gaps and identify potential risks to workers in real-time, helping reduce workplace injuries and property damage.

The end-to-end solution features SAS® Analytics for IoT, Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, and computer vision technology. It detects hazards and anomalies facing industrial workers in manufacturing, transportation, construction, logistics, and utilities.

The real-time safety-monitoring solution mitigates risks of falling, machine or electrical dangers, damage from missing personal protective equipment (PPE), moving conveyor belts or forklifts in confined spaces, and other potentially unsafe situations.

The combination of big-data analytics, IoT-enabled sensors, and cameras helps manufacturers and industrial companies optimize employee safety across their facilities in real-time. The solution aggregates data from across the enterprise, analyzes the information using world-class AI and advanced analytics, and quickly identifies risks to worker safety.

Over time, the historical data gathered by the SoftServe solution provides industrial leaders with a strategic tool for making large-scale changes to processes and operations for improved worker safety.

“Updated safety training and protocols aren’t enough to match the high production demands, aggressive deadlines, or hazardous environments we see evolving as daily operations become more complex,” said Guy Merritt, SoftServe’s VP of Manufacturing. "And no matter how much operations change, worker safety remains a top priority. It’s time that tools and capabilities keep up. SoftServe’s new worker safety solution includes knowledge from our extensive experience serving manufacturing and industrial organizations. Coupled with SAS’ world-leading AI and IoT analytics capabilities and Intel’s Xeon scalable processors, this solution will enable manufacturers to achieve new levels of safety and risk management.”

The new Worker Safety solution also includes a full suite of Project Management Office (PMO), change management, security, support, and systems integration tools. It can be managed by the manufacturing/industrial customer or provided as a service by SoftServe.

Worker Safety is a complete, end-to-end solution that augments rather than replaces a company’s existing safety strategy and monitoring assets to deliver superior Environmental Safety and Governance (ESG) outcomes.

The result is a scalable, resilient, and customizable architecture that enables organizations to better address safety issues in their specific facilities and industry.

Want to learn more about SoftServe's Worker Safety solution? Check out the full demo at this link.

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SAS IoT ecosystem partner SoftServe has launched a new worker-safety solution powered by SAS Analytics for IoT.