SAS Innovate on Tour - Analytics-driven Innovation Fundamental for Digital Transformation 

Analytics leader SAS brought SAS Innovate on Tour to Dubai on October 27, 2022. As a new era of business emerges out of transformative times, the event that took place at the Four Seasons Hotel emphasized analytics-driven innovation that can move the world forward. Dubai was an important stop for SAS Innovate on Tour since it completely aligns with the UAE's vision of becoming a frontrunner of sustainable growth and innovation. 

From the rising expectations around analytics and customer case studies, to responsible innovation and ethical data practices, SAS Innovate on Tour offered a glimpse into an exciting future. Speakers and thought leaders from various industries shared their perspectives on the potential that innovative mindset and technology can bring to accelerating and ensuring the prosperity of businesses and the country.

Bryan Harris, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at SAS, noted: “Right now, we are at a unique moment in time. Organizations and people around the world continue to experience disruptions from geopolitical risk, climate change, supply chains and economic inflation. Simultaneously, the increasing adoption of the cloud and digital transformation is creating a speed and scale of data that is outpacing human capacity. As a result, organizations are feeling disoriented and hesitant to take the next step. So, the general question becomes: how do we scale human observation and decision-making? You must be proficient in analytics, machine learning and AI. It is the only way to gain an information advantage and move the world forward.”

SAS also gave the attendees a sneak peek at some of the company’s newest developments, including integrations with open source, cloud, and other emerging technologies. Organizations must rely on innovation to find new revenue streams and business models, and Cloud is emerging as the main enabler of AI initiatives and fundamental to digital transformation. Besides its partnership with Microsoft, SAS is working closely with local cloud service providers to accelerate innovation within the government sector. 

Michel Ghorayeb, Managing Director of UAE at SAS, said: “UAE has set up a clear vision of the country's direction. It is committed to creating a sustainable environment that supports long-term economic growth. Advancement of the digital economy, improved healthcare services for citizens of the UAE, increased public safety, and excellence in education are among the country’s priorities. SAS will continue to drive growth in the UAE. For that, we will need courage, innovative mind, and curiosity to keep exploring new ways for moving forward and remaining at the level of the country’s aspirations.”

SAS Innovate on Tour is a series of exclusive, in-person events presented across the globe. Participants become a part of a memorable live experience exploring the future of analytics and AI.

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