SAS® Mentoring Services

Hire a SAS instructor for on-the-job coaching and fast results.

Interested in on-the-job coaching for you or your group? Want to add mentoring after a class to quickly apply your new skills to your job? Mentoring provides complete flexibility and accelerates your learning, so choose the option that works best for you.

Service Benefits

Quick Results

Add on personalized mentoring to gain even quicker results from your class.

Get Answers

Subject matter expert at your side to answer your questions in real time.


Practice makes perfect when using your own data.

Gain Insight

Gain insights to discover the real power of your data and drive progress.

The Education team really tailored the training for what we needed. I’ve heard from many of the team members who attended that this was one of those trainings they actually found useful. We were able to really leverage SAS’ knowledge and experience interacting with different customers to help identify what we needed and how best to approach it…. It’s been a good partnership. Tim Holtz Process Engineering Manager Parker LORD

Types of Service

Our experts will work with you to develop a mentoring solution that's structured around your unique needs.

  • Add mentoring to an on-site training or schedule as a standalone event.
  • Schedule a single or multi-day mentoring session.
  • Bring the instructor to you or connect via phone or Web conference.

Mentoring service fees vary depending on the level of instruction needed. Travel costs for SAS staff are additional.

Mentoring is strictly designed to be an informal learning event. It is not designed to take the place of a SAS class, and formal training material will not be provided.

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