RevSpring helps patients navigate the financial maze of health care with SAS

Latest release of SAS Visual Analytics features augmented analytics and embedded insights

Dealing with medical bills can be mystifying and frustrating for patients. Insurance plans and health care costs vary widely, and each has its own rules and nuances. Billing and medical communications innovator RevSpring is using SAS® Visual Analytics and machine learning to simplify the patient experience – signifying a quantum leap in a sector known for its confusing billing practices.

The RevSpring technology platform tailors patient engagement to fit a patient’s circumstances and preferences with the help of SAS advanced analytics. Patients receiving communications are billed according to their unique financial and transactional history for a more seamless and positive experience. RevSpring calls this humanizing of medical billing “compassionate analytics.”

“We want every patient to have a sense that we know who they are and what they’re going through,” said April Wilson, RevSpring Vice President of Analytics and Marketing. “To keep our finger on the pulse, we use visual and advanced analytics and provide detailed quarterly reviews with clients to make sure our billing solutions are robust and tailored to each patient’s needs.”

RevSpring’s compassionate analytics approach is paying off. The Michigan-based company serves more than 2,000 health care providers, delivering more than 1 billion medical communications each year. One RevSpring client - a Midwest hospital system - has boosted patient-payment efficiency by 10 times, adding more than $10 million to the bottom line each year.

Smarter, augmented analytics and embedded insights

The latest release of SAS Visual Analytics offers organizations like RevSpring even more speed and interpretability with the addition of augmented analytics. These features offer smarter, clearer insights, more interactivity and easier-to-read explanations. SAS Visual Analytics automatically shows relevant relationships within the data, with options to dig into those relationships further with just a click. The addition of suggested visualizations allows users to quickly build reports. Augmented analytics automatically builds an interactive analytical story on all available data. Powered by machine learning and natural language generation, users can understand the real stories hidden in their data.

SAS Visual Analytics also adds a new web software-development kit so that insights can be embedded into websites and apps. Through this kit, users can more easily shape and customize their online or in-app experience to share insights. For more on SAS Visual Analytics and its single, scalable and governed environment, check out the full list of new features.  

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