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See what new features will be available in the next release.

Get analytic insights – automatically. 

SAS Visual Analytics automated analysis shown on desktop monitor

Automated analysis.

Get a jump start on your analysis. Pick the variable you want to understand, and SAS Visual Analytics will analyze your data set to determine which elements drive your variable – and how. It’s a great way to see relationships in your data quickly.

Measures and categories analyzed.

Need to understand what’s behind your revenues? Or perhaps you need to find out if a customer is an early adopter or one of the late majority. Automated analysis works whether you need to learn about measures or categorical variables.

SAS Visual Analytics measures and categories analysis shown on desktop monitor

Explanations you can understand.

SAS Visual Analytics delivers your automated analysis results using simple, natural language explanations and easy-to-understand visualizations so you can grasp essential insights quickly.   

Create report summaries with dynamic values.

SAS Visual Analytics report distribution summary shown on desktop monitor

Overviews with dynamic values.

Dynamic report summaries let you write report overviews that feature dynamic values. That means your report consumers can get the main points without having to open the report.

Summaries with logic.

Use the open Velocity Template Language to create dynamic summaries that change based on what’s happening in your data. For example, if quarterly sales met targets, you could summarize your quarterly sales report like this: “Sales for the quarter met targets. We’re doing great!” If sales exceeded targets, your summary could read: “Quarterly sales exceeded targets by 21%!”

SAS Visual Analytics dynamic summaries shown on desktop monitor

Dynamic report summary distribution.

When you schedule report distributions, you’ll have the option to include the dynamic report summary in the body of your email. Recipients can quickly get critical information in a readable format, right in their inbox.

Choose how to present.

SAS Visual Analytics playable dashboard timer shown on desktop monitor

Visible playable dashboard timers.

Playable dashboards let you automatically play your reports and dashboards on a loop in conference rooms and hallways. You can also display elegant timers that let readers know when transitions will occur.

Manual playback controls.

Sometimes you may need to present your reports and dashboards yourself. New manual controls enable you to direct playback of your reports and dashboards, so you can present them yourself rather than have them play automatically. You can step through your entire report without leaving full-screen mode. It's a great way to show your report in presentations.

SAS Visual Analytics manual playback controls shown on desktop monitor

Keyboard control over playback.

Not only can you have on-screen controls while playing dashboards, but you can also use keyboard controls to transition through report pages and elements. No clicking needed.

Take advantage of new visual options.

SAS Visual Analytics bar spacing option shown on desktop monitor

Thick bars? Thin bars? You decide.

Finetune the spacing between your bars to get the perfect look for your report. You can increase the spacing for thinner bars, or decrease it for thicker bars.   

Column total disabling.

Get more granular control over how you display totals in your list tables. You can enable them for a specific column or two, and disable them for others. For example, show totals for your revenue column, but disable them for your average growth rate column. 

SAS Visual Analytics totals per column shown on desktop monitor

Tables with – or without – white space.

Whether you want tables with ample white space or a more condensed look, you can pick what works best for your report with a click.

And that's not all.

SAS Visual Analytics saved object template shown on desktop monitor

Saved object templates.

If you’ve spent a lot of time fine-tuning your objects, make sure your efforts pay off. Save your customized object settings as object templates, and reuse them in all your reports. If you’re an administrator, you can even share object templates with all report authors.

SAS® Visual Analytics for everyone.

The new release of SAS Visual Analytics will work with the SAS Graphics Accelerator, enabling users with visual impairments to create, explore and share visualizations. It supports alternative ways to present data visualizations – including enhanced visual rendering, text descriptions, tabular data and interactive, non-speech audio to convey relevant information about a graph. 

SAS Visual Analytics accessibility features shown on desktop monitor

SAS® Drive improvements.

SAS Drive now includes many new interface enhancements, support for dynamic report summaries, improved drag-and-drop capabilities, and more. It also gives administrators the ability to push content to users’ quick access areas, enable and disable uploads and downloads, and more. 

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