New Features in SAS® Visual Analytics 8.2

Check out some of the features in the latest release.

Visualize data in new ways. 

SAS Visual Analytics custom charts shown on desktop monitor

Third-party visualizations.

Build your own D3 graphs, Google Charts or C3 visualizations, and put them into your SAS Visual Analytics reports. Interactively drive analysis using SAS and custom graphs on the same data.

New visualizations.

Nine new visualizations help you further explore and understand your data in exciting new ways. For example, the parallel coordinates plot shows your data's characteristics and how they relate to each other. Schedule charts help you track tasks and activities over time from within your report.

SAS Visual Analytics visualization shown on desktop monitor

Key values, with impact.

Want to show your best-selling product? Or quarterly revenues? Use the key value visualization to highlight compelling numeric and categorical values in beautiful, infographic-style reports. And because the key value is data-driven, it updates automatically when your data updates. 

Be more productive with less effort.

SAS Visual Analytics linked selection feature shown on desktop monitor

Automatic filters and linked selection.

Quickly build insightful, interactive reports simply by adding visualizations to the page; SAS Visual Analytics will do the rest. If you make selections in one visualization, the rest will be filtered automatically. Linked selection automatically highlights corresponding data in other visualizations. You can even choose one- or two-way filtering. 

Automatic report recovery.

Ever forget to save your work? With built-in automatic report recovery, if you forget to save your report before closing it, or your battery runs out while you’re working, you can get it all back. No more starting over.

SAS Visual Analytics analytic context menus shown on desktop monitor

A refined user experience.

New report and application themes, along with better-performing calculations, make your content stand out. Intelligent context menus let you do more than ever with objects. These and other user interface enhancements make it faster and easier to get your work done. We've also improved the viewer experience with better thumbnails, link navigation and more.  

Further tap the power of location.

SAS Visual Analytics demo enrichment shown on desktop monitor

Custom polygons.

Location data is crucial for many organizations, but the standard boundaries are often insufficient. You can now define your own custom polygons. Load your own polygon data, and show custom shapes on your maps to see the world as your business sees it.

Geographic enrichment.

Esri geographic enrichment lets you visualize your location data in new contexts. See what age and income groups live around your stores. Understand behavioral patterns characteristic of where your customers live. And get a richer perspective on your location data.

SAS Visual Analytics geographic enrichment shown on desktop monitor

Point clustering.

Geographic point clustering makes it easy to visualize high-volume location data and identify areas of interest. Just zoom in on your map to get more detail on a particular location.

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