Improve Manufacturing Quality


A holistic view of quality across the enterprise and throughout the entire product life cycle.

Manufacturing operations leaders need to reduce cost, improve productivity and minimize risk. Industry 4.0 initiatives can help you transform from a reactive to a proactive approach through scalable data integration and advanced analytics for extracting deeper insights.


SAS 和 Microsoft 让每个人都能更容易地使用分析技术来询问和回答那些推动组织发展的问题。

How SAS® on Azure Enables You to Improve Manufacturing Quality

By combining the power of data integration, automation and analytics, SAS enables you to fully understand operational processes so you can make sustainable improvements and lower associated costs.

Empowerment of scarce engineering resources

  • Provide a complete spectrum of analytical tools, including:
    • Explorative analysis.
    • Design of experiments with optimizers.
  • Reduce variation.

Advanced process control

  • Run models in real time and get predictive alerts on quality issues before they happen.
  • Set up downstream processes to compensate for upstream quality issues.
  • Improve yields.

Tighter controls, greater process efficiency

  • View high volumes of process sensor data in context.
  • Use machine learning algorithms to analyze your process and determine the optimal setpoints.
  • Improve profitability.

Why choose SAS® on Azure for improving manufacturing quality?

Get a consolidated view of quality across products, people, places and processes. 


Our advanced data models are built to support sensor and industrial IoT data streams.


Quality explorations allow users to view high volumes of sensor data in context.


Our solution gives you the power to determine optimal setpoints.

Learn how to solve data complexity issues across the analytics life cycle.

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