SAS® Simulation Studio

Understand complex, real-world systems with discrete-event simulation

Discrete-event simulation software can help you build models that mimic the behavior of complex, real-world systems so you can understand and improve them. Extensive capabilities are suitable for both novice and advanced users.


Model the behavior of complex real-world systems.

Analytic modeling methods often fall short of providing detailed depictions of systems with complex relationships and random variations. SAS Simulation Studio provides the tools you need to model all of the important elements of a system. The simulated data produced by the model is as realistic as possible.

Use with a broad range of industries and behaviors.

A prime motivation for building and running a discrete-event simulation model is to create realistic data on a system’s performance. Discrete-event simulation is faster, cheaper and less risky than building and observing possibly several versions of a real-world system.


Build models interactively.

Drag-and-drop, object-oriented modeling in a graphical environment lets you build, debug, verify and enhance your models step-by-step. You can add complexity and detail as you go. Animation, diagnostic messages, detailed traces of model runs, and graphical and numeric display features are included.

Create faster, better insights.

Explore alternate scenarios, varying operating conditions, configurations, routing logic and other factors that can affect system performance. It’s easy to examine simulated data to assess which factors are most influential. Then you can determine the choices most likely to produce the best results.


  • Graphical user interface
  • Modeling building and execution
  • Innovative resource modeling: mobile resource entities
  • Support for large models and large experiments
  • Integrated with SAS® and JMP® analytics
  • Precise, flexible data management and analysis
  • Experimental design and input analysis