SAS® Scoring Accelerator

Get fast results with high-performance model scoring and deployment

Excessive data movement and latency from conventional model scoring creates inconsistencies. Slow analytical processing results in delays. The inability to capture timely insights from big data means missed opportunities.


Boost model-scoring performance for faster results.

Automate model-scoring processes for faster insights. Publish analaytical models into database-specific functions that are deployed and executed directly within the database environment.

Increase data mining and IT group productivity.

Faster deployment frees the analytics team to focus on new projects. And because the need to manually revalidate code for scoring is reduced, organizations incur fewer labor costs.

Streamline analytic deployment.

SAS Scoring Accelerator eliminates the need to move data between SAS and the database for scoring purposes. This reduces the cost, complexity and latency of the scoring process. And streamlines your analytic deployment.


Reduce data movement.

Reducing data movement and replication ensures data integrity, which is crucial for data governance. By scoring your models inside the database, programs can be executed so that detail data is analyzed without crossing the database boundary.



  • SAS format library.
  • SAS® Enterprise Miner Score Export node.
  • Register SAS/STAT® linear models to SAS Model Manager.


  • SAS Scoring Accelerator publishing client.
  • Integrated environment for tracking and monitoring model performance over time.
  • Available for multiple data sources, including Hadoop.