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Amazing Careers in Analytics

There's more than one path to the job you've always wanted. These stories of individual career journeys prove it.

Headshot of Antonio Pablo García


Antonio Pablo García
His journey with SAS began during his last years at university. That experience has provided him with a big advantage to go for the jobs he really wanted and aspire to start his own project in AI and blockchain.

Headshot of Jessica Rudd


Jessica Rudd
Driven, passionate and curious, data scientist Jessica Rudd earned a PhD so she can make an impact on the future of technology.


Whitney Coggeshall
Whitney started out thinking she wanted a counseling career. Several degrees later, she indulged her passion for analytics and became a measurement scientist.

Headshot of Geeta Kersellius


Geeta Kersellius
Senior data analyst kept an open mind, followed her interests, found solid mentors and turned an interest in technology into a successful career.

Headshot of Anja Vrecer


Anja Vrečer
When Anja Vrečer came across SAS tools for the first time she found them intriguing and easy and use, using resources provided via SAS Skill Builder for Students she was able to successfully prepare for SAS Certification in just one month.

Headshot of Pradnya Pethkar


Pradnya Pethkar
An advanced degree, an internship and a certification led this data scientist to land her dream career in New Zealand.


Timothy Bowtell
Timothy's story proves it's never too late to change careers if you have enough ambition. Find out how – and why – he switched from engineering to data science.

Headshot of Jean Murray De Villiers


Jean Murray De Villiers
One SAS certification was not enough, Jean has 20 SAS certifications under his belt. Coupled with experience in the real world working on projects he feels passionate about, Jean is well on his way to becoming a global thought leader in Analytics.

Headshot of Amir Zadeh


Amir Zadeh
Analytics professor combined his interest in technology with his passion for teaching, and now educates the next generation of data scientists.


Kriss Harris
Can you carve out a career if you love both technology and art? Programmer Kriss Harris did exactly that – and is always up for a new challenge.


Greg Gengo
Greg wasn't sure what path to take after high school graduation – or even after the Navy – but he was good at solving problems, and that's what led to his current career.

Let inspiration lead to action. Start here.

Earn a certification.

Getting certified proves to future employers that you understand analytics. Read Amir’s story to see how he did it.

Take a training course.

Immersing yourself in a course helps you learn new technologies so you can change careers. Read Timothy's story to see how he did it.

Explore university programs.

Find a university that specializes in data science or integrates SAS into its courses. Read Jessica’s story to see how she did it.

Enroll in an online academy

Taking a series of courses on a topic can help you stay focused and reach your career goal faster. Read Geeta’s story to see how she did it.

Become a student ambassador.

Earn recognition and make connections by authoring and sharing a paper at SAS Global Forum. Read Whitney’s story to see how she did it.

Write a book on SAS technology.

If you've built enough knowledge and credibility, you can share your insight by writing and publishing a book with SAS. Read Kriss’ story to see how he did it.


If it's true there's power in numbers, find others who share your ambitions.

Find a SAS users group and network with other users in your area.


You may not know all the answers. But you can find someone who does.

Ask questions, share ideas and connect with others in our online communities.