SAS® High Performance Analytics for Teradata Advantage Program

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SAS High-Performance Analytics for Teradata is a set of SAS® analytical tools spanning data exploration, modeling and scoring that can be used in a highly scalable, in-memory distributed architecture to maximize performance and minimize processing time. These tools are combined with an analytics appliance that consists of specifically configured hardware from Teradata, including database software and SAS® High-Performance Analytics software.

Business Challenges

  • Reducing the time to develop and deploy analytic applications, and reacting quickly to data that is growing in volume and complexity.
  • Improving productivity through faster model development and deployment to free the analytics team to tackle other tasks.
  • Implementing a highly scalable and reliable analytics infrastructure that is optimized for large data volumes and complex computations.

How the SAS® High-Performance Analytics Server for Teradata Advantage Program Can Help

  • Seizing new opportunities, managing risks and making the right choices before windows of opportunity close.
  • Accelerating analytic data preparation tasks – like data exploration, transportation and analytical data set preparation – by reducing highly iterative steps.
  • Solving complex problems with advanced analytics.
  • Harnessing powerful insights that can be easily deployed into your campaign selections, real-time decisions and front-office channels – enabling you to deliver relevant offers and messages to customers anywhere and everywhere.

Solutions Available as Part of SAS® High-Performance Analytics for Teradata

  • SAS® Visual Analytics
    Explore big data using in-memory capabilities to better understand all of your data, discover new patterns and publish reports to the Web and iPad®.
  • SAS® High-Performance Text Mining
    Quickly discover themes and categories from huge volumes of unstructured data.