SAS® Cloud

Enabling confident decisions with fast, easy access to analytics in the cloud.

Why choose SAS Cloud?

You’re ready to innovate with analytics.

Let the SAS Cloud remove any barriers to adoption, putting data and analytics at your fingertips so you can realize value faster.

How SAS Cloud Helps IT

Ensure business continuity

A single SLA across the entire stack takes the worry out of maintenance and availability. SAS Cloud provides uptime and incident response targets so you'll have confidence in the overall availability of your analytics environment.

Bridge the skills gap

Analytical skills and expertise are hard to find. We remove the barriers to adoption and usage by making it easy to get to work with SAS. We help bridge any personnel gaps because no one knows SAS better than we do.

Reduce your risk

Our all-inclusive security model keeps your environment secure. And we stay on top of industry standards and regulations so you're always up to date.

Maximize your ROI

SAS is your first and last call for analytics in the cloud. We own the software and services for speedy resolution of any issues while allowing you to maximize your investments.

How SAS Cloud Helps Your Business

Make confident decisions faster

We get you up and running fast. That enables you to get analytics into everyone's hands quickly to drive operational insights and better decisions with data and analytic model pipelines tuned to your requirements.

Accelerate your move to cloud

We help you keep pace with constant business evolution, driving innovation through modern environments and keeping you up to date on the most recent software releases so you have access to the latest capabilities.

Boost productivity

With fast, easy access to analytics in the SAS Cloud, everyone can work more efficiently and effectively. Dedicated teams ensure high performance and availability of your SAS environment.

Be more agile

We optimize and manage your SAS environment in the cloud based on over 1,000 successful cloud projects, using best practices gleaned from more than 20 years of experience to meet your changing business needs.

Options for Analytics in the Cloud

We offer flexible SAS Cloud offerings to meet your unique needs. Unlock critical business opportunities with maximum uptime and minimal administrative overhead.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

With our SaaS offerings, you don't have to manage infrastructure, operating systems or software. You simply sign up, log in and get to work, focusing on your analytic challenges.

Managed Application Services

Have custom data or infrastructure requirements that off-the-shelf software can't address? We'll help you design and manage your cloud services and solutions – in our cloud, your cloud or on-site.

Encuentra ahora las respuestas en la nube fácilmente

SAS y Microsoft simplifican el uso de la analítica para formular y responder las preguntas que hacen evolucionar a las organizaciones.

Customer Success

Organizations of all sizes are working smarter with SAS Cloud.

  • Recovering millions of dollars in fraudulent insurance claims via advanced analytics

    The North Carolina Department of Insurance runs its Insurance Crimes Investigation System in the SAS Cloud to better detect fraud and track investigations from intake through prosecution.

  • Transforming steelmaking through IoT analytics

    SAS helps SSAB improve production efficiency, product quality and maintenance strategies using sensor data, artificial intelligence and advanced analytics. Streamlined, automated processes help the company uncover hidden insights and make more intelligent decisions.

  • Understanding the needs of banking customers in the digital economy

    Jyske Bank uses SAS Customer Intelligence 360 to personalize customer experiences that increase profitability and create lasting brand loyalty.

  • Taking a data-driven approach to whole person care

    Riverside County relies on data integration and analytics from SAS to reduce emergency room visits and reincarcerations for probationers via screenings and referrals to targeted interventions and programs, improving the health and well-being of vulnerable Californians.

  • Reducing workloads and operational costs by migrating to SAS Cloud on Azure

    "To position ourselves for the future and reduce our workload and operational costs, we migrated to the SAS Cloud on Azure. It’s a no-brainer for Gavilon to make the switch – we are transitioning support, server upgrades and application monitoring to SAS, and we can take advantage of new features and enhancements in SAS Viya."

    – Tony Vojslavek, Chief Risk Officer, Gavilon Group

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