SAS® Fraud Management Features

Real-time scoring & decisioning

  • Score and decision 100 percent of all transactions (purchase, payment, nonmonetary events) on demand in real-time, as well as in near-real time or batch modes.
  • Handle any data in real time with the industry's highest throughput (>10,000 transactions per second) and lowest latency (<50 milliseconds). 
  • Deploy custom machine learning models with powerful modeling controls.
  • Ease transition between models with full champion-challenger capability.

Enterprise solution on a single platform

  • Share a single installation of the software among independent departments with logical or physical multitenancy capability.
  • Scale vertically or horizontally to support current and future infrastructure and business needs.
  • Security
    • Supports SSL/TLS.
    • Supports industry-standard encryption algorithms (AES, RC2 using 128-bit keys, RC4, DES, Triple DES using 168-bit keys).
    • Provides role-based access control.
    • Provides audit information/trail configurable for content, detail level and format.
    • Integrates with your organization’s authentication services (LDAP, AD, etc.).
    • Provides single sign-on (SSO) integration capabilities.
    • Integrates with tokenization providers for proper security of sensitive data.
    • Integrates with case management capabilities to systematically facilitate investigations and enable the capture and display of all pertinent information, either via your existing case management system or the enterprise.

System administration & maintenance

  • Monitoring consoles, dashboards and interfaces.
  • Extensive logging and debugging for components.
  • System alerts.
  • Utilities to apply patches and hot fixes.

Simplified data management

  • Houses all internal and external data from multiple sources on a single platform with a flexible enterprise orchestration system.
  • Sends data in any message type, in any format, with minimum customization and modification to existing systems.
  • Seamlessly integrates an expanding array of new data types and sources. 
  • Provides external messaging API for easy integration with fulfillment decision, external triage, case management and reporting systems.
    • Flexible message layout describes all transactions or events according to who was involved, type of activity, where the transaction originated, and how the transaction was authenticated.
    • External integration capabilities include virtual analyst, ECM/BPM, credential management, real-time bi-directional alert data fetches and sends, etc.
    • Define data elements without constraints of a pre-set message format.
  • Includes a smart middleware layer for scaling and throttleing based on throughput.
  • Provides a single interface for accessing the solution from multiple client source systems or third-party data providers.
  • Transforms and enriches a customer transaction prior to sending it to the solution.
  • Receives responses from the solution and sends them back to your system.
  • Manages service-level agreements of the transactions and stand-in responses.
  • Provides extendable message specification, which allows you to map any data into the system.
  • Supports all messaging web service protocol stacks: AMQP, sockets, file-based, JMS, JSON, REST APIs.
  • Includes a manager workbench for:
    • Managing user access, multiple tenants and business units.
    • Separating data, rules and alerts control per operational requirements.

Industry-leading advanced analytics & embedded machine learning

  • Provides end-to-end fraud detection and prevention with advanced analytics modeling controls, a rule authoring application interface, and an alert triage workstation applicable to any real-time transaction or event decisioning use case.
  • Analyzes peer groups using dynamic customer segmentation to support confidence of risk identification.
  • Patented signature-based analytics uses learning neural network models to detect risk exposure and fraud with less customer friction.
  • Captures customer behavior patterns from every source, using patented multi-entity signature behavioral analysis to evaluate data contextually every time a transaction is scored. 
  • Self-learning models adapt to changing patterns in customer behavior.

Alert management

  • Provides a single interface for outsourcing alerts, managing payment and risk decisions, listing and blocking, as well as managing downstream fulfillment events. Includes: 
    • Rules studio for authoring rules, estimation, simulation and lifecycle management.
    • Alert triage and fulfillment interface, which facilitates analyst effectiveness and productivity.