K-12 Educator Workforce Development

Identify gaps in the workforce. Forecast future needs. Effectively communicate outcomes to all stakeholders.

How SAS® Helps Address K-12 Educator Workforce Challenges

From recruiting and retention to incentive analysis and identifying shortage areas, SAS helps state and local education agencies address educator workforce challenges. SAS enables you to pull together historically inaccessible, disparate data, then apply advanced analytics and domain expertise to provide insights that help you make better decisions to diversify and strengthen your workforce.

Identification of critical shortage areas

  • Uncover teacher shortages in specific content areas and geographic regions.
  • Provide data and analytics to extract useful information for increasing teacher supply in critical areas.
  • Inform educator preparation programs about the effectiveness of program participants in the field to drive program improvements.

Recruitment & retention of high-quality teachers & leaders

  • Identify geographic and subject matter areas for recruitment efforts.
  • Understand factors that influence teachers’ decisions to leave the profession.
  • Pinpoint incentives to increase retention.
  • Mine teaching workforce data to identify high-potential school leaders.

Workforce diversification for equity advancement

  • Reveal imbalances in diversity between students and educators who teach in racially diverse schools.
  • Expand promising programs to recruit ethnically and racially diverse teachers.
  • Discover strategies for retaining teachers in high-resignation schools.

Why choose SAS® for K-12 educator workforce development?  

SAS helps state and local education agencies integrate data across multiple systems, create a longitudinal look at teacher supply and demand, and apply analytics to identify solutions to address workforce needs. With the use of data management, machine learning, AI, data science and accessible reporting, education leaders can make smarter K-12 educator workforce decisions.

Enable a 360-degree view of the teacher & leader workforce

Collect, cleanse, organize and enhance data from multiple sources – time and attendance data, employment data, certification and endorsement data, prior education and experience data, student data, training data and area economic statistics (unemployment, median salary, average housing cost, etc.).

Understand educator supply & demand

Identify the underlying drivers of shifts in supply and demand of teacher numbers, skills and competencies. Uncover best practices in recruiting and preparing future teachers and leaders.

Analyze & predict educator workforce changes

Predict which teachers are going to leave by age, location, skill set, etc., to prevent or plan for that attrition. Discover how various incentives (more training, salary increases, changes in class size, etc.) affect teacher retention and experience.

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