SAS® Scoring Accelerator

SAS format library

  • File that is deployed once to the database system.

SAS Enterprise Miner Score Export node

  • Automatically included in your SAS Enterprise Miner installation for adding to your process flow diagram analyses.
  • Exports the model-scoring logic, including metadata about the required input and output variables.
  • Generates sample training and a scoring data set for testing.
  • Register SAS Enterprise Miner models to SAS Model Manager (optional).

Register SAS/STAT linear models to SAS Model Manager

  • SAS Model Manager is required to register and publish linear models created using SAS/STAT into SAS Scoring Accelerator.
  • In-database scoring for SAS/STAT is supported for Pivotal (previously Greenplum), DB2, IBM Netezza, Oracle, SAP HANA and Teradata.
  • Support is available for a select set of predictive models created using the following procedures: LOGISTIC, GENMOD, REG, GLMSELECT, GLM, GLIMMIX and MIXED.

SAS Scoring Accelerator publishing client

  • Automatically translates and publishes the model as a scoring function or SAS DS2 program inside the database.
  • Generates a script of database commands for registering the scoring function or SAS DS2 program inside the database.
  • Scoring functions or SAS DS2 programs are available for use in any SQL expression wherever database-specific built-in functions are typically used.
  • Publishes model as protected or unprotected.
  • Supports SAS intrinsic and user-defined formats.
  • Supports a robust class of SAS Enterprise Miner predictive and descriptive models, including the preliminary transformation layer (such as data imputations).
  • Provides variable binning and reduction.

Integrated environment for tracking & monitoring model performance over time

  • Fully integrated with SAS Model Manager (required for SAS/STAT linear models and optional for SAS Enterprise Miner models) to further streamline the registration, validation and scoring of SAS models in the database.

Scoring accelerators are available for:

  • Hadoop (Cloudera and Hortonworks distributions)
  • IBM DB2
  • IBM Netezza
  • Oracle
  • Pivotal (previously Greenplum)
  • Teradata Aster (only supports SAS Enterprise Miner models)
  • Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse
  • SAS Scalable Performance Data Server
  • Spark

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