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Cutting-edge technology in a private cloud combined with dedicated service and support.

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Maximum uptime. Minimal administrative overhead.

One size doesn't always fit all. Some organizations have the capacity for advanced analytics that is customized, configured and managed off-site. For others, regulatory, data or system requirements prohibit an off-site solution. No matter where your organization falls along that spectrum, SAS offers both hosted and remote managed services that deliver cutting-edge SAS technology with maximum uptime.

Why choose hosted managed services from SAS?

Reduced capital & operational costs

Skip large, upfront hardware purchases, and enjoy more predictable costs over time. Having no need for on-site hardware reduces your energy consumption and costs.


SAS hosts sensitive data for organizations across a variety of industries, providing physical and logical security across all your data.

Manpower savings

Reduce your dependence on already overtaxed internal staffing resources by relying on SAS for expert capacity planning and support. And free your staff to focus on proactive business improvements.

Reduced outage risks

We guarantee 99% uptime of all our hosted managed services, so you can rely on the availability of your SAS software.

Exceptional performance

Get the right application managed by the right expert. You get technology deployed on an infrastructure tuned specifically for your solution.

Service operations management

We can quickly deploy a solution tuned to your requirements or a turnkey solution based on our history of delivering SAS solutions on demand to our customer base. The bottom line? Your SAS solution – and any customizations – will be up and running quickly.

Why choose remote managed services from SAS?

Restricted location support

Have solution location restrictions? We alleviate your compliance concerns by locating your data in your own data center.

Fast implementation

We can quickly deploy solutions tuned to your requirements. The bottom line? Your SAS solution will be up and running quickly.

Proven expertise

We make sure you get the right application managed by the right expert. Get the total solution – all in one package.


Get a single point of contact for all customer liaisons and project management. Remote managed services provide the ultimate accountability for the end-to-end solution.

Active monitoring

Experts monitor your SAS solutions around the clock, responding to incidents and taking the lead in co-managing your SAS solutions with the benefit of best practices and speedy issue resolution.

Award-winning support

Support is available 24/7, with a 99% uptime guarantee, in a state-of-the-art, secure environment that ensures business continuity.

Organizations of all sizes are working smarter with SAS managed offerings.

Achieving a 66% reduction in payment card fraud

Nets, Europe's largest payment card processor, is using SAS for advanced fraud detection, enabling better security and customer satisfaction – and achieving the lowest payment card fraud levels in Europe.

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