SAS® and Open Source Integration

SAS® Viya® integrates open source technology in every step of the analytics life cycle, enabling collaboration across all types of SAS and open source users.

Why use SAS® Viya® with open source?

Turn your models into smarter business decisions. SAS Viya enables all thinkers and innovators to extract insights from data using their tool of choice.

Deploy & execute open source models everywhere

Put your models into production with simultaneous access to multiple deployment destinations. Execute analytics however you like – using APIs, in batch, in a private docker, on Azure, etc. The choice is yours.

Govern & orchestrate your analytics ecosystem

Using different tools, frameworks and technologies to develop models fuels innovation and creativity. But it can also mean a level of complexity that makes it difficult to turn analytics into value. SAS supports models in different languages, moving them from sandbox to production in a centralized, governed manner that meets any scalability requirement.

Integrate models into business applications

A model has no value until it becomes a product, tool or solution users can interact with. SAS REST APIs let you easily customize and integrate open source analytics into your business applications so you can realize value quickly.

Look Who's Working Smarter With SAS® & Open Source Analytics

Organizations across industries are using SAS Viya to reduce the complexity of their open ecosystems and turn analytics into value.

Open Integration Capabilities

Combine the benefits of every technology system in your organization for model development and deployment.

SAS® Viya® uses PROC CAS to run CAS actions in SAS Cloud Analytic Services.

Use REST APIs for any client language to access SAS analytics, data and services.

Use Python APIs to apply SAS Viya CAS actions.

Use R APIs to apply SAS Viya CAS actions.

Use Java APIs to apply SAS Viya CAS actions.

Use Lua APIs to apply SAS Viya CAS actions.

Use iOS and Android SDKs to create mobile apps that access content in SAS Viya.

Enabling Technologies

Use SAS Viya and your favorite open source tools in every aspect of analytics.

Data Management

Computer Vision

Intelligent Realities

SAS® Visual Analytics SDK

IoT Analytics

Operationalizing Models




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Open Integration Partners

Cloud Providers

Conquer all your analytics challenges – from experimental to mission critical – with faster decisions in the cloud. The latest release of SAS Viya is now available on these cloud providers.

SAS Cloud

Running the latest version of SAS Viya natively on Microsoft Azure, the SAS Cloud manages your entire analytics platform for optimal performance and value.


Microsoft is our strategic partner and preferred cloud provider. With deep integration and a shared road map, SAS and Microsoft are shaping the future of AI and analytics in the cloud.


Designed to be cloud-native, SAS Viya is tested and approved to leverage the same cloud services used by millions of AWS users.


With a commitment to innovation and open-source cloud principles, SAS Viya brings native AI and advanced analytics to Google Cloud.

Red Hat OpenShift

SAS Viya is bringing the latest DataOps, AI and ModelOps capabilities to Red Hat OpenShift – the leading enterprise Kubernetes platform, built for your open, hybrid cloud strategy.​

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