SAS Energy Forecasting Cloud Features List

Highly scalable

  • Choose the level of forecast automation that's best for you:
    • Use fully automated, hands-off forecast generation.
    • Fine-tune models within the software user interface.
  • Incorporate ongoing and repeatable forecasting as part of your overall planning process. The solution uses established time-series forecasting methods that can be used throughout the forecasting process.
  • Address large-scale enterprise forecasting problems using the solution's cloud architecture.

Trustworthy forecasts

  • Automatically generate hundreds of combinations of algorithms and variables to develop the best model to use for your short-term and very-short-term forecasting needs.
  • Automatically perform large-scale enterprise forecasting tasks.
  • Define models that are most suitable to the user's particular forecasting challenges through an interactive graphical interface.
  • Get accurate and reliable hourly and sub-hourly forecasts for load and renewable generation to help optimize the use of energy resources.

Easy to manage

  • Supports forecasting as an ongoing and repeated process that fits into your organization's planning workflow.
  • Quick software access speeds up time to value. You can make decisions more quickly while unburdening IT.
  • Allows for discretionary manual overrides of statistical forecast values and locking of the overrides.
  • Provides deep insight into large amounts of data and automatically produces quality models and forecasts.