10 tips for analytics success

Thornton May shares his research on the future of analytics

Thornton May, futurist and executive director of the IT Leadership Academy, looked over the crowd of attendees at the 2014 SAS® Global Forum. It was early – 8 a.m. – but May, the morning’s keynote speaker, got the forum off to a lively start. He warned attendees that their participation was mandatory. Through interactivity and engagement, he promised the crowd it would be time well spent, or as he colorfully put it: “a supernormal return on your temporal investment.”

May travels the world for 40 weeks out of 52 as a self-proclaimed “empirical futurist,” collecting data by listening to people. He collects data the hard way – one on one via personal interviews and getting “scratch-and-sniff close” to those he meets to understand how they think about, and prepare for, the future.

Positive change is possible. You are that positive change. The people in this room, together we can change the world. —Thornton May

Future-proofed rules

Through interactive exercises with the audience, May created some “local” data and compared that data with his global research to describe the future of analytics. He said there are 10 important things we all need to be successful:

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