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Get to Know Composite AI

Why You Need Composite AI

Innovate faster, with maximum value, to achieve better results. Composite AI delivers the AI advantage to your customers and your organization.

Accelerated Innovation

The Challenge

Organizations are facing more complex problems than ever before, involving vast quantities and multiple types of data. Solving them requires a combination of innovative analytic approaches.

The SAS Composite AI Advantage

SAS Viya provides AI and advanced analytics capabilities in a single platform that spans the end-to-end analytics life cycle.

Empowerment for Everyone

The Challenge

Organizations often lack (and struggle to find) the skilled resources to address all their analytics challenges.

The SAS Composite AI Advantage

Composite AI is for everyone – not just data scientists – with low-code/no-code interfaces available for less-skilled users. It democratizes data access and analysis, minimizing reliance on expensive and hard-to-find skilled resources.

Explainability & Trust

The Challenge

Unexplainable AI models can lead to distrust and concerns about bias.

The SAS Composite AI Advantage

Explainability is built into SAS, providing lineage and model interpretability explained in business language.

Faster Time to Value

The Challenge

While different tools, frameworks and technologies can fuel innovation and creativity, this splintered approach entails a level of complexity that makes it difficult to turn analytics into value.

The SAS Composite AI Advantage

By operating on a single platform, you can reduce costs and the risk of project failure – hastening both innovation and time to value through faster model deployment.

Why choose SAS for composite AI?

  • Composite AI, according to Gartner, is the "combination of different AI techniques to achieve the best result.” Another term for this is "multidisciplinary analytics," and SAS has been helping customers build such systems for many years.​ Gartner 2020 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies
  • By 2024, 70% of organizations relying solely on ML for AI initiatives will spend more money per model than those leveraging composite AI techniques. Gartner Predicts 2022: Artificial Intelligence Core Technologies
  • SAS brings multiple technologies and prebuilt applications to the composite AI table. It isn't just machine learning; it's a combination of techniques – statistics, data mining, forecasting, optimization, natural language processing (NLP), computer vision and others – depending on the business problem you're trying to solve. SAS provides them all under a single platform, making SAS unique in the AI and analytics space.

    Customer Success

    Look Who's Working Smarter With SAS

    • Optimizing production to improve product quality and time to market

      USG Corporation relies on SAS to improve its manufacturing process and reduce downtime, costs and energy consumption.

    • Delivering a winning fan experience with predictive analytics and AI

      The Orlando Magic uses mobile app data and machine learning from SAS to personalize marketing campaigns and analyze game data.

    • Building a legacy of inclusion with data-driven technology

      Special Olympics World Games Abu Dhabi uses analytics and AI solutions from SAS to keep athletes safe and fans engaged.

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      How SAS Delivers Composite AI

      Computer Vision

      Detect anomalies quicker and more accurately than the human eye.


      Produce more accurate forecasts – and more of them – using AI to automate large-scale time series analyses.

      Natural Language Processing

      Understand, interpret and emulate human language using topic discovery, entity extraction, sentiment analysis and more.

      Machine Learning & Deep Learning

      Continuously improve and adapt to changes and solve the most complex analytical problems using advancements in deep learning – from algorithmic improvements, to new classes of neural networks, to higher computational power.


      Find optimal solutions to complex business and planning problems while operating within resource limitations and other relevant restrictions.


      Act on observations at a granular level using the most appropriate analytical modeling techniques.

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