SAS launches partnership with Cruxo to help retailers create new revenue streams

SAS, the leader in analytics and AI, unveils a partnership with Cruxo, a new-generation retail marketing platform, to help retailers accelerate growth and boost revenues with an ad-serving platform, SAS 360 Match. The cooperation will help businesses worldwide strengthen their newest and fast-growing revenue stream – retail media. 

The fastest-growing digital media channel

Retail Media Networks (RMN) are retail-owned digital platforms on which marketers (brands) buy advertising space that immediately affect sales. During the past two years, retail media has changed the online media industry and become a new revenue stream for retailers. Currently, a $100 billion business, representing 18% of all global digital advertising, is expected to show another 60% growth within the next 4 years – as projected by GroupM.

SAS 360 Match will play an important role in scaling this fastest-growing digital advertising channel even further, thanks to its cooperation with Cruxo.

“The core SAS principles, such as being independent, open, and flexible, are embedded in our advertising technology”, says Steve Perks, Head of Advertising Technology at SAS. He continues, “Cruxo is one of several key partners who have built their platform on top of our SAS 360 Match advertising platform, having long-term confidence in our approach and solutions. Thanks to such partnerships, our technology is at the forefront of the most innovative digital AdTech businesses across digital, video, CTV, and retail advertising.”

Analytics platform for retail media monetization

SAS 360 Match is an advanced ad platform that supports campaign management, ad delivery, advanced targeting, reporting, and yield management. Being able to connect with advanced data analytics and machine learning algorithms, retailers can create targeted advertising campaigns that deliver maximum impact and revenue generation whilst improving the customer experience. 

“The versatility and scalability of SAS 360 Match give us a great foundation for providing retailers with a solution that is, on the one hand, capable of giving them full control over their inventory and the way they do business, and on the other hand offers robustness and performance needed for companies across regions and segments,” comments Matěj Novák, CTO of Cruxo.

By combining Cruxo’s platform with SAS 360 Match, retailers have a powerful solution for boosting profitability through data-driven targeting and native ads while personalizing the retail customer journey.

About Cruxo

Cruxo is a Retail media platform from the Czech Republic, founded by senior experts from retail, vendor marketing, and online media. The CRUXO solution simplifies advertising management in retail media and remains user-friendly while being highly efficient. That allows retailers to intake budgets from all their vendors. The platform comes with the know-how which allows the clients to grow their advertising inventory and their retail media revenue.

About SAS

SAS is a global leader in data and AI. With SAS software and industry-specific solutions, organizations transform data into trusted decisions. SAS gives you THE POWER TO KNOW®.