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Introducing SAS 360 Match
for Retail Media

The cutting-edge platform for retail media monetization
that enables retailers to generate new revenue streams

Introducing SAS 360 Match
for Retail Media

The cutting-edge platform for retail media monetization
that enables retailers to generate new revenue streams

Retail Media is emerging as a major player in digital advertising. Be part of the revolution and monetize your retail traffic and audiences with a full lifecycle solution.

Explore the resources below to learn how SAS 360 Match offers a blend of campaign delivery, advanced analytics and workflow tools to help you create new revenue streams whilst improving the customer journey and experience.

SAS 360 Match for Retail Media is a powerful SaaS solution that enables retailers to monetize their digital properties. Being able to connect with advanced data analytics and machine learning algorithms, retailers can create targeted advertising campaigns for CPGs and brands that deliver maximum impact and revenue generation whilst improving the customer journey.

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Featured retail partner, Cruxo, leverages self-service ads buying to monetize in the pharmacy industry.

“The versatility and scalability of SAS 360 Match give us a great foundation for providing retailers with a solution that is, on the one hand, capable of giving them full control over their inventory and the way they do business, and on the other hand offers robustness and performance needed for companies across regions and segments,” comments Matěj Novák, CTO of Cruxo. By combining Cruxo’s platform with SAS 360 Match, retailers are provided with a powerful solution for boosting revenues and profitability through data-driven targeting and native ads while personalising the retail customer journey.

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SAS 360 Match is an ad serving platform that gives you control over your digital advertising ecosystem. With its open APIs and vendor-independent monetisation framework, the ad server offers you full flexibility to drive ad revenue whilst keeping operational costs down.

Retailers are always looking for ways to maximize customer interactions and develop new revenue opportunities, particularly in the face of social and economic challenges. Retail media networks (RMNs) have recently emerged as an attractive investment option for retailers and brands or consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies.

SAS Match for Retail Media is a fully integrated part of SAS CI360, a comprehensive customer intelligence platform that enables retailers to deliver personalized customer experiences across all digital channels. With SAS CI360, retailers can extend the Match experience beyond advertising to include customer data platform (CDP), real time omnichannel journeys, email, push notifications, and more.

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