Executive Briefing Center


Get to know SAS on a deeper level by visiting the Executive Briefing Center, located at SAS world headquarters in Cary, North Carolina. You’ll come away with a better understanding of all that goes into creating business analytics solutions for fact-based decision making.

What to Expect
Listening to you is a number one priority at SAS. During the Briefing you will have a face-to-face opportunity to strengthen ties with SAS executives while having lunch alongside other SAS employees in the open, comfortable atmosphere the company upholds. You'll hear about the SAS corporate vision and discuss strategic plans for your industry, your products and services and individual goals. The Executive Briefing Center makes each visit meaningful because it was specifically designed to foster creativity, collaboration and technological advancement.

The company’s values will be evident throughout your visit – to be approachable, customer-driven, swift and agile, innovative, and trustworthy. You will also see that SAS is a socially responsible company that treats its customers and employees with the utmost respect and care for their well-being.

SAS looks forward to spending time with you, and sharing the culture that centers on creating and providing exceptional relationships with our customers.

At SAS' Executive Briefing Center, you will experience firsthand how we can help your organization solve its most complex business issues. By using analytics, your organization can make fact-based decisions to elevate its impact in the marketplace.

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Take a video tour of the Executive Briefing Center.

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Building C

Check out SAS' building C, which houses the Executive Briefing Center.

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Contact your SAS account executive. If you don't have one, contact Michael Coppotelli at 919-531-0749.

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