Curiosity inspires. Education empowers.

Education gives each new generation the power to change what’s possible. Around the world, SAS supports education initiatives that promote learning for all and build a global community of innovators. 

Group of students using CodeSnaps app and holding robotic sphere

Issues that matter

Group of young students using CodeSnaps app and holding robotic sphere

Closing the analytics skills gap

Educators are introducing students to computer science concepts at earlier ages through apps such as CodeSnaps, which uses robots to teach basic coding skills in a fun and engaging way.  

Issues that matter

Group of students working at NC Science Festival

Encouraging interest in STEM

STEM job growth rates are projected to soar over the next decade. Generating enthusiasm at all grade levels will be key to preparing students with the essential skills for a technology-driven workforce. 

Group of students working at NC Science Festival
Young students in classroom with books and raising hands

Issues that matter

Young students in classroom with books and raising hands

Improving reading proficiency

Students who cannot read proficiently by the end of third grade are four times more likely to leave school before graduating. Businesses are stepping up to improve those literacy rates. 

Curriculum Pathways®

Preparing the next generation to turn challenges into opportunities.

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Free online learning resources are changing how students learn and educators teach.

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We believe in students. Teachers believe in SAS.

Listen to why teachers are excited about how today’s students can communicate, learn and interact with the world through technology-rich instruction.

Group of high school students raising hands in a classroom

Volunteers & Giving

As an essential part of our commitment to education, SAS volunteers hundreds of hours each year to initiatives and events on a local, regional and national scale that encourage all students to reach their full potential as future leaders and innovators. By driving efforts to prepare more graduates for college and work in the 21st century, SAS welcomes a responsibility to our greater global community.

Group of college students in a collaborative setting

Investment in Higher Education

Free Academic Software

Free and low-cost analytics software for students, educators, independent learners and academic researchers, with e-learning courses, video tutorials and online community support.

Analytics Degree Programs

SAS has helped launch 65 master’s and undergraduate degrees and nearly 140 certificate programs around the world that generate the analytical talent organizations need most.


Several opportunities such as the SAS Student Ambassador Program and the SAS Global Forum Student Scholarship Program propel students toward STEM-related careers.

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