Data Governance

A Reliable Data Foundation

Build trust in your data, understand lineage and gain transparency across all your analytic and AI assets.

Effectively manage the data life cycle, facilitate regulatory compliance and foster a shared understanding of data.

Facilitate regulatory compliance.

Use automated agents for faster data discovery. Assess the fitness of your data while ensuring governance and confidential information monitoring with an information privacy assessment​.

Promote a common understanding of your data.

Ensure a cohesive understanding of your enterprise data by integrating SAS assets with third-party metadata through the open metadata standard​.

Deliver consistent data quality across the enterprise.

Confidently assess the scope and nature of data quality problems across your data workflow using Industry-leading data profiling, data quality and entity resolution techniques.

Why choose SAS for data governance?

It's trusted

Deliver reliable data at every touch point. Make better decisions, improve operational efficiency and build trust in your AI journey, all while minimizing the risk of data inconsistencies.

It's accessible

Facilitate collaboration among analytic stakeholders. Ensure consistent access to data and AI resources by maintaining uniform data quality throughout your data ecosystem.

It's compliant

Effortlessly align with complex regulations while safeguarding data integrity, privacy and security. Easily adapt to evolving rules, avoid penalties and cultivate stakeholder trust.

"We’ve been able to appropriately govern our processes in a way that we’ve never done before." 1-800-FLOWERS.COM logo Arnie Leap CIO 1-800-FLOWERS.COM


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