SAS selected to meet the education analytics needs of thousands of higher ed and K-12 institutions

Through MHEC agreement, education entities in nearly every state can improve student success and administrative insights with SAS

Education institutions across the US can use software from global AI and analytics leader SAS for less, thanks to a new agreement with the Midwestern Higher Education Compact (MHEC). Faced with declining enrollments, US colleges and universities are turning to data and education analytics software to improve efficiencies while increasing student success. Additionally, education institutions struggle to share data that can reveal pathways to higher achievement and better careers.

“At MHEC we are always maintaining a focus on students and their success while also optimizing efficiency,” said Susan Heegaard, President of MHEC. “This partnership with SAS for advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities empowers higher education institutions to make data-driven decisions that support student success.”

The new, competitively awarded agreement extends and expands the collaboration between MHEC and SAS. With access to SAS® Viya®, the company’s cloud-native AI and analytics platform, MHEC members can now seamlessly manage, integrate, report, visualize and analyze data from multiple systems, all within a single, unified and open platform. SAS will offer secure hosting and administration to ease administrative burdens, allowing institutions to focus on connecting data and answering questions to drive real change for students.

MHEC members will receive discounted pricing as well as terms and conditions that are better than most higher education institutions can negotiate individually.

“This is a pivotal moment for education, where advanced technologies like AI can position institutions for success for decades to come,” said Nadja Young, Director of the SAS Education Practice. “By working with SAS, MHEC is giving its members the chance to seize that moment.”

Meeting evolving education technology needs

MHEC represents colleges, universities, K-12 districts, and school and government agencies through an interstate compact of 12 Midwestern states. Additionally, through agreements with other regional compacts, institutions in 47 states will have access to a variety of SAS tools and technologies to generate insights into the quality, accessibility and affordability of education. The SAS agreement will enable members to:

  • Utilize data analytics to gain insights into student success, academic achievement and operational processes.
  • Make data-driven decisions through statistical algorithms, artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques.
  • Enhance administrative functions, human resources, and facilities and financial operations with visualization reporting solutions.
  • Deliver self-service information for stronger connections between students, faculty and staff.

EDUCAUSE attendees in Chicago can learn about how Virginia Tech is putting SAS Viya into action in the session “The Value of an End-to-End Analytics Platform in AI Implementation and Data Analytics Modernization” on Tuesday, Oct. 10, at 2:30-3 p.m. CT.

Minnesota connects data systems from birth to employment

Integrating data across the education spectrum can provide insight into the obstacles and opportunities that lead to student success in school and beyond. Minnesota used the previous MHEC-SAS agreement to create an innovative state longitudinal data system that integrates early childhood education, K-12, postsecondary and workforce data to create a panoramic view of education outcomes.

The data warehouse encompasses the longitudinal life of an individual from birth through early childhood and elementary and secondary education up to and through higher education and employment, including the various paths people take through education to employment. Using SAS, the Minnesota Department of Education validates longitudinal data from over 50 data sources that include 30 million records from multiple state agencies.

MHEC regional partners empower decision makers with data and visualizations

Education institutions all over the country – including the University of Nevada, Las Vegas; University of South Florida; Wayne State University; and Idaho’s West Ada School District – have taken advantage of the previous MHEC-SAS agreement to integrate analytics into decision making.

Oklahoma State University leveraged the agreement to create interactive reports, data visualizations, dashboards and drill-down capabilities to replace manual reporting. OSU generated a full 360-degree view of a first-year student, and is using data to boost retention and keep more students on track to graduate.

OSU has moved from static to interactive reporting for demographic, academic, financial and campus life information. Decision makers can spot abnormalities to optimize classroom capacity, identify departments with lower retention rates and easily access information to make faster decisions.

A legacy in education

From early childhood to K-12 schools, districts and state education agencies to postsecondary institutions, SAS has supported education at every level for nearly 50 years. Colleges and universities use SAS in areas such as enrollment and retention, institutional research, teaching and learning. Many states use SAS to track and report on pandemic recovery efforts, finances, administrative goals and student success.

Learn more about education analytics from SAS.

About MHEC

As an interstate compact, the Midwestern Higher Education Compact (MHEC) brings together Midwestern states to develop and support best practices, collaborative efforts and cost-sharing opportunities. Through these efforts, it works to ensure strong, equitable postsecondary educational opportunities and outcomes for all.

Member states of MHEC are Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin. See MHEC’s website ( for eligibility to participate in the contract for MHEC member states, as well as states in the New England Board of Higher Education, Southern Regional Education Board or the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education.

About SAS

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An agreement between SAS and the Midwestern Higher Education Compact will allow education institutions in 47 states to use data and analytics to improve efficiencies and increase student success.