Improved analytic workflows in new version of JMP statistical products 

Customers benefit from reproducible analyses, guided experiments, data connectors and, with JMP Live, enhanced collaboration and decision making

While a dairy scientist, a process engineer and a tech innovator have varying domain knowledge, they all rely on the JMP® family of statistical discovery products to meet modern data challenges. JMP 17, JMP Pro 17 and JMP Live 17 are launched today, after first being introduced at the Discovery Summit Americas analytics conference. The products enable scientists and engineers with intuitive and collaborative analytic workflows, whether they are in business to process raw materials into cheese, ensure drug manufacturing meets regulatory standards or develop sensors for autonomous vehicles.

With new digital manufacturing systems at leading electronic component manufacturer Murata generating far more data than existing systems could manage, the company made JMP its end-to-end workflow tool for operators, technical experts, data scientists and management alike. This released domain experts from tedious data preparation tasks to focus on solving engineering problems that generate real business value. “We literally went from collecting data over weekends to collecting data within an hour or so, and that has since been further refined down to a few minutes,” said Data Integration Manager Philip O’Leary. “Moreover, we do it hundreds of times every day.”

At Thermo Fisher Scientific, a Fortune 500 leader in scientific instrumentation and services, “JMP was the only software that offered us a range of tools allowing access to data analysis for non-statisticians,” said Véronique Brianto, Validation Deputy and Continued Process Verification Deputy. “It provides us with a collaborative interface and enables the sharing of information in the form of both raw data and data visualizations between users and non-users of the software.”

Consumer products organization Dairygold sees JMP as a process-enabling tool, not just software, explained Science and Analytics Manager Kieran O’Mahony. “The amount of information that you can extract from JMP in such a short time – and in particular, the multivariate element of it – is amazing. That’s gold from a new user’s perspective,” said O’Mahony.

JMP Live, a collaborative analytics platform for secure, enterprisewide knowledge sharing, offers a new set of capabilities for server-side data refresh and scheduling, better organization of content and a streamlined publishing workflow.

Biotechnology company Regeneron adopted JMP Live to break down information siloes among worldwide operations. JMP Live “created a single source of truth and point of reference for everyone to access the most current analysis,” said Diana Nadler, Manager of Continuous Improvement Statistics Team.

By giving groups across the organization access to the data and automating routine analyses in JMP Live, Regeneron puts “scientists and engineers back on the floor, letting them do their jobs … so they can spend time consuming the analytics instead of publishing them.”

“Workflow should be fluid, not interrupted by obstacles or detours,” said John Sall, co-founder and Executive Vice President of SAS and founder and Chair of JMP, in his keynote talk “Workflow” at Discovery Summit Americas last month. “You want to be working on your subject matter, not taking care of side problems. JMP 17 will make your workflow better, so you can pay more attention to what the data is saying and explore data and models in more ways.”

JMP® 17 and JMP® Pro 17 highlights

  • Workflow Builder to record an interactive session to a graphical workflow script for automation, teaching, repeatable data preparation or reproducible analysis.
  • OSI PI Import to access rich asset data stored on an OSIsoft PI server without coding or interacting with APIs and use those data to visualize, enrich and improve models.
  •  Easy DOE for a step-by-step guide through the DOE workflow from designing the experiment to analyzing, predicting and reporting findings.
  • Search JMP for quick answers about capabilities, data cleanup operations, statistical tests and visualizations.
  • Optimized handling of large, wide tables and analysis (Multivariate, Response Screening and data table transformations).
  • Spectral Analysis in Functional Data Explorer for preprocessing, modeling and multivariate analysis of spectral data common in analytical chemistry and material science. (JMP Pro)
  • Direct import of commonly used genetic and genomic data formats; new platform for Genetic Marker analysis and new model-based Genetic Breeding Simulations. (JMP Pro)

JMP® Live highlights

  • Connect directly to data sources and schedule updates without a third-party scheduling tool.
  • Hierarchical, nested spaces for better organization of reports, including improved access controls.
  • Publish with the improved workflow to easily share discoveries across the organization.
  • View data tables without downloading, then view data on mobile devices.
  • Single-click open in JMP to create a JMP Project for easy follow-up analysis.
  • More interactive features to explore reports, including Categorial Response Profilers, Packed Bar Charts and Parallel Plots.

JMP® Clinical 17 highlights

The data analysis software for ensuring trial safety and efficacy has been completely rewritten for speed and simplicity and will be available in November 2022.

  • Set up clinical review reports quickly with data and analysis solely in JMP.
  • Access improved reports to assess study health, monitor clinical sites and explore subject level profiles.
  • Develop standardized reports that are ready for reporting and regulatory submissions, including DSUR/PSUR reporting and Custom Medical Queries.
  • Publish clinical reports to JMP Live 17 to enable broader sharing and review of results.
  • Explore and build predictive models for clinical trial data with the integration of JMP Pro.

What customers are saying about the software

“I love the concept of the script-free creation of a repetitive workflow. It enables many of our engineers to perform a workflow themselves, rather than waiting for help.”
– Kira Alhorn, W.L. Gore

“The Easy DOE platform bridges the gap between domain expertise and statistics vocabulary and methods.”
– Victor Guiller, L’Oréal

“Until now, it has often been time-consuming to identify and generate a suitable suite of candidate designs from which to choose. Design Explorer, a new feature in JMP 17, makes generating several designs easy and efficient.”
– Christine Anderson-Cook, Los Alamos National Laboratory

“I am very excited to see some of the improvements. Some features which I have asked for over the years are finally included which will make doing measurement systems analysis (MSA) much easier for our engineers. By combining the features of AIAG and EMP measurement systems analysis methods into the same platform we get the best of both worlds in one easy application.”
– Ted Ellefson, Seagate

“As someone who works with large, complex data sets emerging from omics analyses (i.e., large molecular data sets), it is great to see features like multivariate embedding (via t-SNE) now in JMP Pro. With each new version of JMP, the capacity for analyzing these truly big data sets continues to grow.”
– Anderson Mayfield, National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium, Taiwan

“We wanted a platform that will allow the team members – whether they’re JMP users or not – to manage and interact with and explore the analyses, and JMP Live was that platform.”
– AJ Kaur, Perrigo

A fully functional, free 30-day trial of JMP is available from the JMP website.

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Engineers and scientists at Thermo Fisher Scientific advocated for the widespread adoption of JMP to consolidate and automate data workflows, accelerating process transfer, validation and continuous verification of the process during the commercialization phase. Photo copyright Thermo Fisher Scientific.