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Proactively prevent worker safety risks by anticipating and addressing unsafe behaviors in real time with industrial IoT and AI

Worker Safety Solution From SAS and SoftServe

Discover how our worker safety technology powered by computer vision and SAS Analytics for IoT can help you implement a proactive strategy to reduce and prevent workplace safety incidents.

How the Worker Safety Solution Helps You Reduce and Prevent Incidents

Monitor unsafe behavior

Utilize camera vision sensors and geofencing to capture unsafe behavior.

Issue real-time alerts

Prevent accidents by changing an unsafe behavior as soon as it occurs.

Detect and visualize patterns

Augment safety briefs, safety protocols and training based on historical patterns.

Comply with PII regulations

Ensure privacy compliance with secured environments and proper protocols.

Why choose the Worker Safety Solution from SAS?

Our enterprise-grade computer vision and sensor-enabled solution targets unsafe behaviors, eight of which appear on OSHA’s list of top 10 worker safety violations.

Take a proactive approach to workplace safety

  • Improve incident response time. Real-time monitoring and instant alerts enable swift responses to potential safety incidents. Reduce response time and mitigate risks, minimizing the impact on workers.
  • Enhance communication. Seamless communication channels within the platform facilitate quick information sharing among team members. Enhance collaboration and coordination during emergencies or routine safety procedures.
  • Gain data-driven insights. Advanced analytics enable you to derive actionable insights from safety data. Make informed decisions, identify trends and implement proactive safety measures based on empirical evidence.
  • Proactively mitigate risks. Predictive analytics anticipate potential hazards, allowing for preemptive measures. Move from a reactive to a proactive safety approach, reducing the likelihood of incidents occurring.

Integrate with your existing environment while maintaining compliance

  • Adapt to changes and gain flexibility. The solution adjusts to changes in the workplace environment, ensuring continuous relevance and effectiveness. Respond to evolving safety requirements and industry standards.
  • Take advantage of a user-friendly interface. Intuitive design ensures easy adoption and seamless integration into daily workflows. Minimize training time and empower users to utilize the solution effectively from day one.
  • Align with industry regulations and maintain compliance. Built-in compliance features allow you to maintain compliance effortlessly. Stay ahead of audits and maintain a safety culture that meets and exceeds regulatory requirements.
  • Integrate hardware for predictive analysis. The solution allows for seamless integration into your existing hardware environment. Predict incidents by detecting high-risk violation cases, excluding human decision factors and providing an extra layer of predictive analysis.
  • Ensure privacy compliance. Our approach proactively secures PII with robust processes, including data minimization and anonymization. Align with stringent data retention policies, consent protocols and access controls to meet privacy standards effectively. Enhance safety while remaining conscious of privacy concerns.

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Worker Safety Solution

Today's safety standards fall short, risking lives in industrial workplaces. Find out how the solution from SAS and SoftServe addresses unsafe behaviors in industrial settings and prevents them from occurring in the future.