SAS® Model Risk Management Features

Model inventory & documentation

  • Govern any type of model developed in any technology.
  • Assess whether a candidate meets your qualifying model criteria.
  • Confirm and attest the accuracy of a model inventory.
  • Securely store model attributes and assumptions across model types, sources (in-house and third-party) and technologies.
  • Automate your model documentation in your own templates, track versions and securely manage.
  • Develop working documents for the model validation team.
  • Expedite the management and deployment of best-practice models into production.
  • Facilitate effective challenges, fact-based conversations and defense among internal and external model quality stakeholders.
  • Enable auditability and compliance to meet global regulatory requirements.
  • Gain transparency and apply model review and validation procedures that are consis­tent with your policies and standards.

Model risk reporting

  • Aggregate model risk across an organization.
  • Easily disseminate model performance and validation reports.
  • Provide executive insight into an accurate view of model risk concentrations.
  • Understand the impacts of altering/decommissioning models.
  • Interactively identify model risk from the bottom up.
  • Use SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office to easily export data into Excel, PowerPoint and Word.

Model performance monitoring

  • Systematically track model performance measures, thresholds and alerts.
  • Intergrade any model monitoring metric, at any level, from any source, directly into your model risk management framework.
  • Use the model monitoring calculation engine with a library of performance metrics.
  • Easily monitor models with a library of detailed and interactive dashboards.
  • Continuously monitor models, automatically generate findings and maintain a record of changes.

Address & manage regulatory reviews

  • Meet internal model validation, governance and supervision standards.
  • Track official regulatory reviews, including internal and external tasks, documentation and official signoffs.