PERSOWN Inc. to launch SMASH-H, a near real-time Sepsis Monitoring and Alerting System for Hospitals and Home powered by SAS advanced analytics 

Medical information technology and diagnostics company PERSOWN, Inc. is addressing the global burden of sepsis with the launch of the open platform SMASH-H (Sepsis Monitoring and Alerting System for Hospitals and Homes), powered by healthcare analytics from SAS. SMASH-H will provide hospitals access to a common set of predictive models designed to enhance existing IT platforms, monitoring tools and diagnostic products.

  • Sepsis has one of the highest mortality rates of any hospital condition, estimated at 15% to 30%.
  • Sepsis is a common reason for hospital admission and readmission, with estimated incidence of 6%.
  • $24 billion was spent treating sepsis in the United States, more than any other condition. 1

“It is the #1 cost and cause of death for hospitals,” said Eric Doherty, President at PERSOWN.  “When patients spiral down with sepsis, their risk of death increases 1% every 10 minutes.”

SMASH-H will process any changes to a patient’s health data on 10-minute intervals using a suite of powerful SAS® artificial intelligence tools to provide time-series predictive analytics. This will deliver the highest-quality actionable information to the ­hospital’s current visual monitoring and alerting software. “With SAS’ trustworthy AI, machine learning and cloud-based capabilities, our partners like PERSOWN are developing solutions that have a measurable impact on improving health outcomes,” said Steve Kearney, Global Medical Director at SAS.

SMASH-H will enable collective wisdom of the world’s clinical practitioners to be shared in real time to enable all medical staff to serve their patients with the best possible information in the hospital and post-discharge. “There is a particular opportunity on the ambulatory side to reduce sepsis readmission rates by reducing transaction friction times,” said Joseph Colorafi, MD, a board-certified physician in clinical informatics and pulmonary medicine. “By focusing on high-performance, clinically validated predictive models, sepsis time-zero can be identified earlier and lead to significant reduction in inpatient sepsis mortality rates to the 10-12% range.”

PERSOWN is a proud inaugural member of the Sepsis Innovation Collaborative, with the goal of sharing unified data for analyzing best practices. “We are calling on medical professionals and administrators around the world to register and gain priority access for their patients as initial participants on SMASH-H,” said Billy Meadow, Chairman and CEO of PERSOWN.

PERSOWN seeks collaborative hospitals from around the world to launch the platform for clinical researchers and treatment protocol analytics.  Please click here to learn more and register.

1.     The Use of Patient Monitoring Systems to Improve Sepsis Recognition and Outcomes: A Systematic Review. Bryan M. Gale and Kendall K. Hall, 2020

We endeavor to maximize global health by integrating state-of-the-art Point-Of-Care diagnostics and health information technologies. PERSOWN contact:  Eric Doherty,

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SMASH-H, powered by SAS AI tools, will provide hospitals access to a common set of predictive models designed to enhance existing IT platforms, monitoring tools and diagnostic products.