SAS collaborates with ECXO customer experience professional business network community in EMEA

SAS, leader in analytics, announces its collaboration with the European Customer Experience Organization - ECXO, an organization specialized in Customer Experience (CX), focusing on EMEA.

The European Customer Organization (ECXO) is an open-access CX professional business network and community that connects businesses and individuals. Its primary objective is to enhance CX and related topics not only in Europe but also in the Middle East, Africa, and beyond, with a particular focus on European requirements.

ECXO is developing a unified and diverse maturity model for the region, acknowledging, and celebrating its cultural differences. The organization brings together leaders, companies, and practitioners to share knowledge, best practices, insights, and lessons to enhance the collective customer and employee experience and ability to innovate. ECXO’s goal is to help organizations achieve sustainable growth and differentiation by providing practical experience to understand how they can improve their CX and enhance the experience of their customers, partners, and employees.

At ECXO, it is valued everyone's knowledge and individuality as they don’t believe in a "one size fits all" approach for CX, EX, XM and Innovation. The organization believes that brands thrive when they work together and aim to constantly grow and expand outreach for both our members and their brands. “Imagine an enchanting mix of DACH's efficiency, design, and ingenuity merged with IBERIA's empathy and creativity, the refined styles of Italy and France, the British flair, and the clean design aesthetics from the Benelux, Nordics regions, alongside other cultures assets. This captivating blend works in unison to create a CX maturity model that benefits not only Europe, but all parties involved worldwide” expresses Ricardo Saltz Gulko, ECXO Co-Founder, Managing Director Initiator.

SAS, as a leader in customer experience and customer intelligence, found in ECXO a reference link to leverage the importance of thinking about existing and future CX challenges in a practical and direct way. Coupled with SAS AI knowledge and technology that improves the customer experience with real-time contextualized interactions and analysis of all data to gain a holistic view of the customer experience.

For Andreas Heiz, (Director Marketing Technology & Personalization Solutions EMEA/AP at SAS), “this collaboration with ECXO is an opportunity to listen and participate with leaders in EMEA in the discussion of customer experience challenges. It is important to understand the dynamics of consumer behavior, who are increasingly accustomed to using technology. And what that implies, with high expectations regarding the speed and innovation of offers, preferring increasingly real and intelligent experiences that make them feel empowered and part of something bigger. In this context, artificial intelligence (AI) has been of great help in the development of solutions that provide qualified experiences to customers. With AI, it is possible to optimize the use of data, which was previously ignored or downgraded, to develop an even more accurate connection with consumers.”

Ricardo Saltz Gulko emphasizes the significance of this partnership, stating that "SAS is a globally recognized leader in customer and employee experience, with amazing software and technologies that capture detailed online customer behaviour and link it to existing offline customer data sources among their vast portfolio. Their expertise, years of experience and leadership are invaluable in enhancing the sharing of experiences, technologies and best practices among our growing CX business network." Gulko also expressed excitement and gratitude for SAS's entry into their universe, and for their trust in since the first conversation a great trustworthy relationship was established, making them an amazing first gold sponsor but above all a great partner to learn from and collaborate as the organization aims to evolve and growth together. Gulko is confident that this partnership will be successful, and will do its best to contribute to that success.

About ECXO

The European Customer Organization (ECXO) is an open-access CX professional business network and community that connects businesses and individuals. Our primary objective is to enhance CX and related topics not only in Europe but also in the Middle East, Africa, and beyond. How will we achieve it all together?

Through professional educational programs, best practices, research, certifications, events, collaborations and partnerships, round tables, discussions, trainings and much more. We also want to hear your ideas, what we can achieved together. ECXO values the ideas of its members, sponsors, and partners and wants to hear from you and work together to achieve conjoint goals.

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