Customers get deeper into discovery with the new version of JMP

Release arrives on 30th anniversary of the first version in 1989

From Pleistocene fossils to infrared technology on a mission to map the surface of a near-Earth asteroid, JMP® statistical discovery software from SAS is helping scientists, engineers and other data analysts make a difference. In JMP Pro 15, the advanced analytics version of JMP, data scientists have more predictive modeling tools than ever. Both JMP 15 and JMP Pro 15 are launched today, 30 years after the first version of the software was released.

"The higher the volume of data we collect, the greater the chance we will get some signals from them that add value and build knowledge…. It can be complicated to visualize. I really like JMP for this, especially Graph Builder, which is very practical and efficient,” said Augustin Cathignol, Principal Engineer for Product Reliability and Data Science, at Lynred, which designs high-performance infrared detector technology for probes traveling deep into space.

For Sherri Gust, founder and Principal Paleontologist at Cogstone, the ability to interact with data is key. “The interactivity is one of my favorite things about JMP. You can say, ‘I’d like to explore that more and then do this,’” said Gust, who is conducting research on Ice Age fossils at Rancho La Brea in California.

“Our customers can explore and understand their data even more fully with JMP 15,” said John Sall, co-founder and Executive Vice President of SAS and head of SAS' JMP business unit. “And they get instant graphical gratification with new visualization enhancements.” Sall marks the launches and 30th anniversary of JMP with his keynote speech “Import. Understand. Communicate” at analytics conference Discovery Summit Tucson this week. 

JMP® 15 highlights

  • New column header graphs in the data table that show linked histograms for a quick view of the distribution of table variables.
  • Import wizard for importing and processing XML, JSON and PDF file formats.
  • Many enhancements to Graph Builder, including for Heatmap and Box Plot.
  • New hover label options that extend information available in graphs.
  • New Explore Patterns platform for investigating data integrity.
  • New Group Orthogonal Supersaturated Design platform for creating and analyzing designs with more factors than runs that have groups of correlated effects.
  • Publishing to JMP Live, a secure, private online portal for collaborating with analytics.

JMP® Pro 15 highlights

  • Functional Data Explorer with workflow improvements to bypass intermediate table creation, reshaping and joins.
  • Structural Equation Modeling, a new predictive modeling platform, for modeling relationships among observed and unobserved variables.
  • New Support Vector Machines platform, providing another nonlinear machine learning technique.

What other customers say about JMP® and JMP® Pro

“The Functional Data Explorer platform has potential to significantly change the way we look at designing new products.”

– Dan Fortune, Six Sigma Black Belt, Hexion

“The PDF Import Wizard is breathtaking! I have complicated scanned PDFs with many tables, and the ability to manually select tables is just awesome!”

– John Madden, Associate Professor of Pathology, Duke University

“I could see the distribution of the data immediately in the header of the data table… users will find it powerful because they can check the structure of new data quickly and easily.”
– Seonjin Kim, Senior Scientist, Samsung BioLogics

“JMP is what has helped us be able to see the big picture more clearly and in real time.”

– Tyler Wise, Project Analyst for Global Business Services, Diebold Nixdorf

“I’ve never seen any single software application as transformative to scientific learning as JMP. With JMP you start seeing patterns and relationships in your data you never thought possible. It takes the guesswork and mystery out of statistics.”

– Timothy Gardner, CEO and Founder, Riffyn, Inc.

A fully functional 30-day trial of JMP is available free on the JMP website.

About JMP

SAS created JMP (pronounced “jump”) in 1989 to empower scientists, engineers and other data analysts to explore and analyze data visually and interactively. Since then, JMP has grown from a single product into a family of statistical discovery tools, each one tailored to meet specific needs. John Sall, SAS co-founder and Executive Vice President, leads the JMP business unit.

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